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Sony Rumored to Reveal PS4 Virtual Reality Headset at GDC in March

Sony has been developing a PS4 virtual reality headset for some time. An "inside source" has told TechRadar that they have had some first-hand experience with the headset, which Sony is set to reveal during the Game Developers Conference, taking place March 17-21, 2014.


Originally, the headset was to be revealed last year at the Tokyo Game Show, but Sony decided to push back the reveal in order to further develop the technology. The source tells TechRadar "Sony has deliberately taken its time to tweak and polish the headset before revealing it."

Additionally, an anonymous games developer that is familiar with Sony's plans has stated that Evolution Studios is currently working with the device to simulate a cockpit view on its PS4 title Drive Club, which was set to be released as a PS4 launch title, but was delayed as the release date of the console approached. Perhaps this is part of the reason?

Source: TechRadar

Tearaway Discounted This Week in EU PS Store

Tearaway, the latest platformer by Little Big Planet Developers Media Molecule is on sale through February 26 in the EU PS Store. It is priced at €16.99/£12.99. Tearaway is a game where you play as either iota or Atoi, as you traverse a world constructed entirely out of paper in hopes of delivering a message to you, the player! If you're a fan of LBP, then this game may be right up your alley.


Much like LBP, the game offers a unique experience and fosters creativity by allowing the player to create paper crafts in-game.

In that small period of time we’ve seen a huge amount of creativity from you guys, with over 160,000 player-made photos snapped and shared, and nearly 2 million (!!!) papercraft models unlocked and ready for the making...check out some of our favourite player photos and papercraft models that we’ve seen so far. Keep sharing ‘em folks!
Source: EU PS blog.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Coming to PS3

When Batman: Arkham Origins released in late 2013, it also spawned a handheld "companion" title on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Blackgate featured many elements of the Arkham series, albeit from a different perspective. Rather than the standard free-roam of the other games, Blackgate is viewed predominantly from the side, using gadgets to maneuver the levels.

Today Warner Bros. announced that Arkham Origins Blackgate will be ported to home consoles. The "Deluxe Edition" as they're calling it will contain new content and receive the HD treatment to improve its visuals. The Deluxe Edition will be available for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U starting April 1 in North America, and April 2 in Europe.

Source: IGN

UPDATE: Horror Title, Daylight, Coming to PS4 in April

If you're a fan of heart-pounding, suspenseful horror games * la Outlast, then coming in April, PS4 owners can look forward to a new horror game in the form of Daylight, developed by Zombie Studios.

In Daylight, you take on the role of Sarah Gwynn, as you trek your way through an abandoned hospital trying to escape and find your way home. What's more, Daylight makes use of procedurally generated play to keep gameplay fresh and dynamic. Like with Outlast, the player has no weapons in Daylight, so obviously, combat won't be your friend. Furthermore, contrary to what the title may lead you to believe, light, of any form, is not something that you'll be able to rely on.

Levels and scares change for each player, meaning that no two sessions will be identical. And no player will know exactly when that foreboding whisper will turn into a howling spectre hungry for Sarah’s life.
Lastly, the devs really want to push live streaming with Daylight. Supposedly, the game will be able to offer both streamers and audiences a unique, interactive experience that has the potential to be entertaining for everyone.

Streaming has been a huge boon to the PS4 community, and the devs want Daylight to have an involved relationship with livestreams. The hope is to allow viewers to control the actual scares in a streamer’s experience, providing a much more interactive dynamic between player and audience. This new form of communal play has been showered with attention recently thanks to the Twitch community streaming a classic RPG as a group.
Source: Exophase, PS Blog.


A specific date of April 8, 2014 has been announced.

Additionally, Zombie Studios has provided some additional information with regard to the game's content.

RealD 3D – The PlayStation 4 and PC version of Daylight will be fully 3D compatible out of the box! 3D-enabled TVs and monitors will bring the scares, jumps and all other things that haunt the Mid Island area to life in a very tangible way. RealD is the same technology they use in movie theaters for 3D movies and excels at giving the game terrific depth-of-field. Catching an overhead light flicker down an incredibly long corridor is one of the more chilling 3D applications…until you come across a spirit, that is. If you have the means, we highly recommend giving this mode a try. Oh, and here’s a casual reminder that Daylight is also compatible with the Oculus VR, for those brave enough…

PS4 Multimedia Integration – This is a very cool feature that we’re super stoked about. It’s no secret that Daylight is extremely friendly for the PS4′s “Share” button (ditto, PC streaming). The tinkerers at Zombie Studios found a way to use Twitch chat to cue in-game events. The example we’ve been tossing around (and is in no way final) is that someone watching a stream types the word “Meow” into the chat, which causes the game to make a corresponding sound of a cat. So yes. You can literally scare your friends now by watching them stream. There are two caveats to this:

1. They’re all on timers, so you can’t spam them. That would be ridiculous.
2. We’re not going to tell you the full list of words. You’re going to have to find them through experimentation.

New Area – The Prison – The Prison area unlocks after players find their way out of Dr. Mercer’s office. The hospital doors are replaced with iron bars, nurses’ stations replaced with guard checkpoints, and the prison is punctuated with a lurking 3-story stack of prison cells. Remnants players will find in this area are notes from prisoners to each other, guard logs about various altercations, and even a few cover-ups of impropriety. The spirits players begin to encounter in the prison are the first ones in the game that start to get aggressive. Staying safe in the prisons will require being able to quickly and efficiently navigate the prison block, but the tight corridors and guard rooms will put players to the test.

New Area – The Forest – One of the later levels in Daylight is the Forest. After players traverse through the Prison and the Sewers, they will find themselves outdoors in a big open area, lit only by the trusty mobile phone light and the faint glow of a sallow moon. Despite being a giant open area of scrub land and swamps, the Forest still has the same procedurally generated environments as the rest of Daylight. Several notable landmarks will be randomly generated in the open world. The random landmarks will also contain the location of the remnants to find, but only the bravest players will live long enough to see what kind of horrors the forest holds (the shack full of nooses is a personal favorite of mine).
You can also follow the link below for some screenshots of the new areas.

Source: vg247

Thief Trophy List

Thief is an upcoming stealth-based video game developed by Eidos Montreal. You take on the role of protagonist, Garret, a master thief who has returned to his hometown "The City" after some time, only to find it in political disarray. You seize the opportunity to get rich amidst all the turmoil. Like other games of this genre, the game allows for the player to have a variety of choices regarding how to complete levels. The player can use the environment to his or her advantage as well as other game mechanics that enhances your character's abilities. Thief is set for release on February 25, 2014 for North America and February 28, 2014 for EU.


Man of Steal
The True Master Thief

Obsessive Compulsive
Steal all loot and collectibles in a single chapter

Sleight of Hand
Pick 100 pockets in a single playthrough

Quickly Pick a Lucky Lock
Pick a lock with masterful speed

Something to Prove
Finish the game with a custom difficulty of 700 points or more

Dark Archer
Complete 10 optional Thieving Challenges

Legend in Leather
Complete 25 optional Thieving Challenges

Mint Condition
Finish 3 consecutive missions without taking damage

Focus on the Tasks at Hand
Pick a pocket and a lock using the focus ability

Moral Victory
Finish the game without a single kill or knockout

One Step Ahead
Disarm ten trap mechanisms

Clear Headed
Reach the final chapter without using the focus ability

Hard Times
Finish the game on Master difficulty

Modesty Denied
Score an epic 5,000,000 or more in a Challenge Map

Child of the Shadows
Finish a single chapter without alerting anyone

Hail of Glass
Shoot a bottle in mid-air with an arrow

Health Hazard
Kill or knockout 10 people using the environment

Complete a collectible set

What's Yours is Mine
Complete all collectible sets

Happy Birthday
Sweet sixteen. Snuff said.

Hidden Agenda
Discover 15 secret areas

Finders Keepers
Discover all secret areas

Cache Dispenser
Use 40,000 gold

Working Overtime
Complete all Client Jobs in The City

Dastardly Deeds
Complete all Basso Jobs in The City

All That Glitters
Steal 5 collectibles

Old Habits Die Hard
Find all the secret stashes in Moira

Uncover Lyegrove's secret

The Drop
Finish the Prologue

Finish Chapter One

Dust to Dust
Finish Chapter Two

Dirty Secrets
Finish Chapter Three

A Friend in Need
Finish Chapter Four

The Forsaken
Finish Chapter Five

A Man Apart
Finish Chapter Six

The Hidden City
Finish Chapter Seven

The Dawn's Light
Finish Chapter Eight

More Heist Less Speed
Finish the game in 15 hours or more

M! Gives Dark Souls II a 90%

German gaming magazine M! has apparently already reviewed the highly-anticipated RPG from developer From Software, Dark Souls II, and the magazine has given the game a score of 90%.


The write-up describes Dark Souls II as “The hardest Action-RPG in the world. More convenient, gorgeous and extensive.”

As a point of reference, M! rated Demon's Souls at an 82% and Dark Souls at an 81%. So, if these scores are any true indication of what the quality of the games are like, then Souls fans are definitely in for a treat come March 11 (March 14 for EU ).

Source: vg247

Indie Game, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Delayed until April

The anticipated indie title Octodad: Dadliest Catch was set to release next month for PS4. However, it appears as though the game will be delayed until April, according to developer Young Horses.


Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a "slapstick physics game" which has an octopus pose as a human husband and father. The game has been featured as one of many prominent indie titles set to release for the PS4 in the near future.

Additionally, the developers are "thinking about" creating an Xbone port; there are no intentions of a Wii U port, though, unsurprisingly.

Source: CVG.

Gearbox, Telltale to Answer Questions Surrounding Their New Joint Project at SXSW Panel

Segueing from this thread, Telltale co-founder Kevin Bruner and Tales from the Borderlands lead designer Harrison Pink will be at SXSW , alongside Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, and Borderlands 2 writer Anthony Burch, and franchise director Matthew Armstrong to answer questions regarding their new joint venture.

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The panel, titled "Two Sides to Every Story" will give background information on how the partnership was entered into by the two companies, as well as offer some preliminary gameplay of the episodic game. The game is set to revolve around the "exploits of two would-be vault hunters across the wastes of Pandora."
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Image courtesy of CVG.

Source: CVG

Sacred 3 Launching on PS3 Summer 2014

From game publisher and developer Deep Silver, comes the third installment in the Sacred franchise, Sacred 3. The game is going to be a cooperative action RPG featuring five classes. Co-op play is going to be two-player local "couch co-op" or four-player online co-op.


Deep Silver brand manager Remy van Leeuwen remarks that bringing a fresh co-operative experience was pivotal to the development of the game.

The paramount development goal for Sacred 3 has been to create a seamless online and offline co-op experience. By creating a game built around the central concept of co-op gameplay, we're expanding the series to new audiences without compromising the rich lore and fantasy of the Sacred universe.
Deep Silver purchased the rights to the Sacred franchise from developer Ascaron Entertainment in 2009.

While there's no specific release date, Sacred 3 is tentatively set to launch Summer, 2014.

Source: CVG.

inFAMOUS: Second Son Cover Reveals Install Size

After the events in inFamous 2, the world is a different place. The worldwide disappearance of conduits did not bring peace as many thought it would. Instead, the US government began its crackdown on all citizens to better protect them from the "biological terrorists" should they ever return. These new regulations have culminated in a police state. But the conduits are not gone forever... Delsin Rowe is looking to end the tyranny. Causing a little mayhem should help .

Today, PlayStation France's Community Coordinator posted the French cover of inFAMOUS: Second Son.

Unable to read French? We've got you covered. He also posted the cover sleeves in English, Spanish, and Italian. There are a few important notes contained on these covers. First of all, rest assured that the game is rendered in 1080p resolution. Also, as with all PS4 games, you must install Second Son before you can play it. The good news is: the install is only 24GB. I say good news because the vast majority of AAA games require 40-50GB of your HDD's space. The wait is almost over though, as inFAMOUS: Second Son will release in North America and Europe on March 21, 2014.

Italian Version

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Spanish Version

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Source: dualshockers

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