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Battlefiled 4 Confirmed for the Next-Gen Consoles

Apparently publisher Electronic Arts is preparing Battlefield 4 to be released on the next-generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft. According to the post, the news comes from EA’s president of labels, Frank Gibeau, who confirmed on the EA Blog that the publisher’s prized shooter franchise is dropping jaws on the PlayStation 4 and whatever other mysterious machine Microsoft’s got up its sleeve:

"We’ve been investing and innovating on new technology for months," he wrote. "Console partners who have seen our early work agree, EA’s next-gen software is nothing short of astonishing. "At a GameStop company meeting earlier this week, we gave 500 store managers a sneak peak [sic] at Battlefield 4. The game received a huge ovation and thousands of fans reacted to a single enthusiastic Tweet by GameStop’s CEO."

It was said in January that a new Battlefield title will release "next year", though EA has stated that the series isn't becoming annualized at this time.

Okay, so this isn’t really a surprise considering that Sony’s recently announced PlayStation 4 is confirmed for this holiday season. It goes without saying at this point that just about every new game announced this year—unless it’s coming out before the holidays for sure—will be released for the big new systems that are going to be on store shelves by the 2013 holiday season. But there it is. Confirmed.

Source: IGN

Diablo 3 Will Allow Offline Play on PS3 and PS4

Diablo 3, one of Blizzard Entertainments most popular series alongside Starcraft and World of Warcraft was announced to be coming to the PS3 and PS4 at Sony's meeting this year. In Diablo 3, you have a variety of choices of classes for you to choose from like in most MMOs. Diablo 3 takes place in Sanctuary and in the game your goal is to save the Sanctuary after demons have started to attack the Sanctuary since the Worldstone has been destroyed. Your goal is to stop and destroy them, so no harm can be done to the people of Tristram.

Today in a recent interview Diablo 3's production director John Hight revealed some news on the PS3 and PS4 version of Diablo 3. In the interview John Hight revealed that Diablo 3 will have offline play, so you will not need to have a continuous connection. Hight was also kind enough to reveal that the system version will have a new evasion capability that can be used to dodge enemies. Another thing revealed is that players won't need to be clicking a lot as all they will need to do is move the analog stick, which in hand will heighten the action and make the game smoother. Finally the game will have online and local co-op. Diablo 3 for the PS3 and PS4 can be seen at Pax East 2013 next month.

John Hight said:

"You can have four people on the same screen - no split-screen, we just zoom the camera out. Or if you're offline," says production director John Hight.

Source: GameInformer.

Telltale Games: There May Be More Walking Dead before Season 2

According to IGN, one of Telltale Games' writers' Gary Whitta said fans of The Walking Dead's episodic game series "won't have to wait for season two to play more Walking Dead. Specifically, Whitta said "I can tell you what you already know, which is season two is coming. There’s not much to say because it really is very’s a way off. But, knowing that it’s a way off, and knowing that people are hungry for more walking Dead...there may very well be more Walking Dead from Telltale before season two," said Whitta.

"We may have a little something extra for you between season one and two.” Specifically, “something” is in the works “that will make the wait for season two slightly less agonizing.”

IGN asked more clarification, but I think it's a safe bet that fans will be seeing some Walking Dead 1.5 before long since Telltale knows that anything they put out will be quickly consumed by their large fanbase. The Walking Dead games took the world by surprise in 2012 with their immersive story telling that pulled even those who are not fans of the show deep into the games, and the next “season” is highly anticipated as a result.

Source: GamesIndustry

Respawn Entertainment Will Attend E3 This Year

Respawn Entertainment, for the first time will be hitting E3 this year with a few new things.. possibly. The company, formed with members behind the Call of Duty franchise, was originally uncertain about their presence at E3 2013, especially since they did not appear at last year's expo. Interest has since waned. However, now the interest is back as Vince Zampella, the General Manager at Respawn, tweeted that the company will be appearing at E3 this year.

Vince Zampella and Jason West, originally of Infinity Ward, were two of the minds behind the Call of Duty franchise. The two were fired from the company after it was acquired by Activision back in 2010 for "breach of contract." No other details have been announced. Stay tuned for more updates.

This blurry image could be many things, but mostly it represents the confusion and uncertainty behind Respawn Entertainment, and what their next project will be. It has been present on the company's website for ages with the words "Stay Tuned..."

Source: Joystiq

All Studio's Owned by Sony Working on PS4 Games

Six days ago Sony held a meeting that had everyone wondering what was going to go down. Then following those next couple days Sony started to release evolution videos for each of their systems and games. Finally at that meeting Sony announced to the world their next video game system in the form of the PlayStation 4. While at that meeting, Sony had some of their exclusive and owned Studios like Sucker Punch and Guerrilla Games show off their PlayStation 4 titles, well in a recent interview Sony's President of Worldwide Studios confirmed some interesting news.

Sony, who owns exclusive studios like Sucker Punch and Guerrilla Games revealed that all of their studios are currently hard at work on games for the PlayStation 4. What gamers already know is that Sucker Punch is working on inFamous Second Son and Guerrialla is working on Killzone Shadowfall, while Evolution is hard at work on their racing game DriveClub. What questions do come up are what are studios like Sony Bend, Sony Santa Monica, Sony San Diego, Guerrilla Cambridge, and Studio London working on. Most can guess that Naughty Dog is working on Uncharted 4 or a new IP and that Media Molecule is most likely working on LittleBigPlanet 3.

Source: IGN.

Angry Birds Trilogy: Fowl Tempered DLC Trophy List

Angry Birds Trilogy is a video game co-developed by Rovio Entertainment, Exient Entertainment and Housemarque, and published by Activision. It has some DLC releasing sometime soon - since it has no info on it lol. The game contains the first three games of the popular mobile game series (Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio) and was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS on September 25, 2012 in North America and September 28 in Europe. Both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game are able to be played with motion controls along with the traditional controllers.


Completed Bad Piggies
Complete Classic Episode 8 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Completed Surf and Turf
Complete Classic Episode 9 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Completed Back to School
Complete Seasons Episode 13 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Completed Haunted Hogs
Complete Seasons Episode 14 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Completed Winter Wonderham
Complete Seasons Episode 15 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Get 3 stars in every single level of Fowl Tempered

Get 100% Eagle score in every single level of Fowl Tempered

Smash 1000 Ghost Blocks

Bubble Popper
Spawn 500 bubbles with Pink Bird

Collect all Golden Wrenches in Classic Episode 8

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Trophy List

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, the game that comes to you from developer CyberConnect2 just had its trophy list released. Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is the latest game to be added to the Ultimate Ninja Storm series. In the game you play as characters from the Naruto universe as you fight against each other in a fight. The games story mode will have you go on thrilling adventures in the village of Konoha and will even include a confrontation with Nine-Tails. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is set to release for the PS3 on March 5, 2013 in North America and March 8, 2013 in Europe.


Consummate Storm Master
You won all trophies

Burning Hidden Leaf Village
You cleared the prologue

Crash the Five Kage Summit
You cleared Chapter 1

Promise of a Rematch
You cleared Chapter 2

Dark Naruto Conquest
You cleared Chapter 3

With Love
You cleared Chapter 4

Approaching Ninja World War
You cleared Chapter 5

The Ninja Alliance Struggle
You cleared Chapter 6

End of the Coastline Battle
You cleared Chapter 7

Gain the Raikage's Approval
You cleared Chapter 8

Nearing the Climax
You cleared Chapter 9

Beyond the Ninja World War
You cleared the last chapter

Avenger on the Move
You cleared the fragments

Battle of Hidden Leaf
Got A rank in The Nine Tails' Attack

The Almighty Leaf
Got S rank in The Nine Tails' Attack

Five Kage Summit Interrupted
Got A rank in The Agitated Five Kage Summit

We Are Unstoppable!
Got S rank in The Agitated Five Kage Summit

His Answer
Got A rank in Hero and Avenger

To Fight a Friend
Got S rank in Hero and Avenger

Gaining Power
Got A rank in Overcoming Hatred

Nine Tails Overwhelmed
Got S rank in Overcoming Hatred

Vs. the Seven Swordsmen
Got A rank in Threat of the Seven Swordsmen

3rd Unit Rules!
Got S rank in Threat of the Seven Swordsmen

Gedo Statue, Vanished
Got A rank in The Rumbling Coast

Fists of Determination
Got S rank in The Rumbling Coast

Five Kage at Full Power
Got A rank in Bet the Future

Uchiha Against Five Kage
Got S rank in Bet the Future

End of the War
Got A rank in The Last Battle

Hero of the Ninja World
Got S rank in The Last Battle

Defeated Formidables
Got four S ranks in boss battles

Conquered Formidables
Got S rank in all boss battles

A Hidden Memory
Unlocked a Secret Factor

Collected Memories
Unlocked four Secret Factors

Memories In Your Heart
Saw all Secret Factors

Hidden Action
Successfully performed a Secret Action

Tales That Line In An Instant
Successfully performed all Secret Actions

Ready to Roll
You customized your ninja tools

New Products in Stock
The Tool Shop added to its ninja tool lineup

Savvy Shopper
Used a coupon

Gem of a Card
Got a x5 Ninja Info Card

Team Ultimate Finisher
Finished a match with Team Ultimate Jutsu

Take This!!!
Performed an Ultimate Jutsu Finish

Taijustu Master
Performed a 50-hit combo

Magnificent Victory
You won the battle with a full health bar

Blasting Off
Performed a Ring-Out KO

Creeping Shadow
Used rear attack feature in a mob battle

Ruler of the Battlefield
Triggered Burst Attack in a mob battle

Ninja World Traveler
Visited all villages

First Championship
You won your first tournament

Completed the Ninja World Timeline

Zen Pinball 2: Star Wars Pinball DLC Trophy List

Zen Pinball 2 is a pinball video game developed by Zen Studios for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The game was announced on April 9, 2012. It was released on September 4, 2012 in North America and September 5 in Europe. Zen Pinball 2 is an upgrade to the original Zen Pinball. It features a new UI and an upgraded version of the game engine which improves graphics and physics. There is also a new social sharing feature which allows you to post scores to Facebook. This pack will be $10 and comes out tomorrow.


Earn your first rank by completing the clone training on the Clone Wars table.

Purge the World
Purge the galaxy by defeating both Sith Lords on the Clone Wars table!

The Great Pit of Carkoon
Make 10 jumps in a row over the Sarlacc pit on the Boba Fitt table!

The 501st Legion
Travel through Wild Space to fight the Battle of Kamino on the Boba Fett table!

So, you want to become a Jedi?
Complete a Training mode on the Star Wars Episode V table.

I am your father
Uncover the dark secret of Darth Vader at the end of Scene 6 on the Star Wars Episode V table.

Tomb Raider Trophy List

Lara is back in Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raider reboot that features a completely remade Lara as well. This time around Lara is on another adventure as usual, but this time she is on a ship that gets crashes and gets stranded on a mysterious island. Lara, who has been separated by her crew must find her crew and get off the island. Lara's mission will not be easy as she will have to face the island natives and a much more darker threat on the island. Tomb Raider is set to release for the PS3 on March 5, 2013 in North America and Europe. Now may I present you with the games trophy list.


True Survivor
Unlock every Tomb Raider trophy

Find 25% of all documents

Find 75% of all documents

Relic Hunter
Find 25% of all relics

Collect 75% of all relics

Looking for Trouble
Find 25% of GPS caches

Bag Full O' Cache
Find 75% of GPS caches

No Stones Left Unturned
Find all documents, relics, and GPS caches

Collect 5000 pieces of salvage

Loot 200 enemies

Clever Girl
Purchase all skills in one category

Purchase all skills in all categories

Now We're Getting Serious
Fully mod and completely upgrade any weapon

The Professional
Fully mod and completely upgrade all weapons

Big Game Hunter
Kill and loot 10 large animals (deer, boar, wolves)

Tastes Like Chicken!
Kill and loot 10 small animals (rabbits, chickens, rats)

Feather Duster
Kill and loot 10 flying animals (crows and gulls)

Sharp Shooter
Perform 50 headshot kills in the single player campaign

Kill 50 enemies with the bow

Kill 75 enemies with the rifle

Kill 40 enemies with the shotgun

Kill 35 enemies with the pistol

Epic Fumble
Force an enemy to drop dynamite that kills two people when exploding

Get Over Here!
Rope pull 5 enemies off edges

Kill 25 unaware enemies

Down and Dirty
Perform 15 finishers

Shoot 10 enemies off zip lines

Former Adventurer
Incapacitate 25 enemies with dodge counter

One Smart Cookie
Complete one optional tomb

Intellectually Superior
Complete all optional tombs

Unfinished Business
Complete one challenge

Complete all challenges

A Survivor Is Born
Complete the game

Boom Goes the Dynamite
Shoot a bundle of dynamite out of the air

Crab Cakes
Kill FeeFee the crab

Complete all conversions with the Endurance crew

Complete a match in all multiplayer modes

Kill 20 enemy players in multiplayer using a turret

Down Boy!
Kill a zip-lining enemy player in multiplayer

Catch a player in a snare trap in multiplayer

Survive 10 explosions in multiplayer

Good Samaritan
Revive a teammate in a multiplayer match

I'm all that!
Win a ranked match in every multiplayer mode

Sole Survivor
In multiplayer, be the only player on your team that isn't dead or downed

Lights Out
Kill 10 multiplayer enemies using your melee attack

Master Blaster
Kill 2 multiplayer enemies with a single explosive

Monkey Around
In multiplayer, escape death 3 times by using the rope ascender

Purchase a new multiplayer character

On My Way Up
Reach level 10 in multiplayer

Buy every upgrade and character in multiplayer

True Commitment
Reach level 60 in multiplayer

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Coming to PS3 This Fall in North America and Europe

Today Square Enix has updated the status on when Kingdom Hearts fans can expect when to get their hands on the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX for PlayStation 3. The Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX contains the first game in the series that was first released on the PlayStation 2 and also contains the once exclusive Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Also in the collection is Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, which will also be playable. The Kingdom Hearts series follows the story of Sora as he goes into a bunch of Disney related worlds to defeat enemies. Sora will work with characters such as Goofy and Mickey.

Today like the title says Square Enix has announced when you can expect to see Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX on the PS3. The collection will contain the first game in the series and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories. Also included in the collection is Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, which was once exclusive and some HD cinematic scenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days to give players details on where the story is at. Square Enix has announced that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX will be making its way to the PS3 in North America and Europe in Fall 2013. Finally both games will have trophy support when it releases this fall.

Source: PS Blog.

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