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Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Mode Reveal Trailer

Call of Duty: Ghosts is the newest entry in the Call of Duty series and the start of a new story. In Ghosts, America has taken a huge hit by a devastating event that has happened. The event has changed the global balance of power and America is no longer recognized as a superpower. Ten years later a group of elite soldiers have come together to form a special unit called "Ghosts." The Ghosts will have the odds stacked against them and will have to use teamwork to defeat the enemy. The player will be put into the shoes of a character who will be working alongside his brother. Infinity Ward is the developer this time around.

Today after multiple leaks and outings, Infinity Ward has officially revealed their new co-op mode for CoD: Ghosts. The new mode that has been revealed is called Extinction. The new game mode has been revealed via a new trailer that was just released. In Extinction mode players fight off waves of aliens to complete their mission at hand. Call of Duty: Ghosts will be out on the PS3 worldwide on November 5, 2013 and is also a PS4 launch title.

Source: GE.

Trine 2: Complete Story Coming to PS4

Trine 2 is a side-scrolling action platform and puzzle game made by Finnish indie developer Frozenbyte. In Trine 2, you play as three different characters that you must use to traverse through each level in the game. The three characters are Amadeus the wizard, Zoya the thief, and Pontius the knight. Trine 2 released for the PS3 on December 20, 2011 in NA and March 7, 2012 in EU.

Today after multiple rumors, Frozenbyte has announced that they will be bringing Trine 2 to the PS4. Trine 2 on the PS4 will be called Trine 2: Complete Story. It will be the full game and the Goblin Menace expansion and the Dwarven Cavern secret level. Trine 2 for the PS4 has no release date set at the moment.

Source: PS Blog.

Angry Birds Star Wars Trophy List

Angry Birds Star Wars is a platform game that first released on Windows, iOS and Android devices last year. Angry Birds: Star Wars is a crossover between the Star Wars franchise and the Angry Birds series. Angry Birds: Star Wars has six different worlds you can play on with a variety of different levels on them. The game will also have different birds based on characters in the Star Wars universe. Angry Birds: Star Wars is developed by Rovio. Angry Birds Star Wars will be out on PS3 & Vita on October 29, 2013 in NA and November 1, 2013 in EU.


You have unlocked the Platinum Trophy!

Mighty Launch
Mighty Falcon Launched (in Single Player Mode)

Falcon Escape
100% destruction with Falcon (in Single Player Mode)

100% destruction with Falcon 50 times (in Single Player Mode)

That's No Moon
Tatooine completed

Tatooine - All Stars
Tatooine: Three stars in all levels

Tatooine - The Force
Tatooine: Get 2,380,000 points

Disturbing Misobedience
Death Star completed

Death Star - All Stars
Death Star: Three stars in all levels

Death Star - The Force
Death Star: Get 3,180,000 points

Jettisoned Jetpacks
Collect all 5 Jetpacks

Courage of Jedi
Path of the Jedi completed

Path of the Jedi - All Stars
Path of the Jedi: Three stars in all levels

Path of the Jedi - The Force
Path of the Jedi: Get 3,250,000 points

Probe Explorer
1 droid level found

Probe Gatherer
5 droid levels found

Jedi Initiate
50 blocks smashed with saber

Jedi Knight
500 blocks smashed with saber

Jedi Master
2000 blocks smashed with saber

Force Learner
2000 blocks thrown with Force

Ultimate Laser Shooter
1000 blocks smashed with blaster laser

Skilled Pilot
500 blocks smashed with Pilot

Magnificent Grumble
300 blocks smashed with Chewbacca

Prominent Jedi
Three lasers deflected with saber (in Single Player Mode)

Target Shooter
Three pigs shot with a single blaster shot (in Single Player Mode)

Star Bird Fan
Angry Birds Star Wars played for 5 hours

True Star Bird Fan
Angry Birds Star Wars played for 15 hours

Star Bird Addict
Angry Birds Star Wars played for 30 hours

Fly Bird Fly
5000 birds launched

There's No-one Here
Stormtrooper shot another trooper (in Single Player Mode)

Imperial Entanglement
Stormtrooper popped with Tie Fighter's wing (in Single Player Mode)

Walking Carpet
Same turret shot Chewbacca 6 times with a direct hit (in Single Player Mode)

Simple Pigs and Nonsense
300 stormtroopers popped

The Birds Will Be With You
10 levels completed with one bird

Lack of Faith
Level restarted 100 times

Pork side of the Force
Fail level 10 times with one pig left (in Single Player Mode)

Fatal Attraction
Lift 500 blocks with gravitational field disruptor

Transport Is Away
Hoth completed

Hoth - All Stars
Hoth: Three Stars in all levels

Hoth - The Force
Hoth: Get 3,450,000 points

Mynock Tangle
Mynock popped with another mynock in 6 levels (in Single Player Mode)

Block Buster
Smash 25 blocks with a single flight of Boba

There is no try
Play a multiplayer game with a total of four people

The circle is now complete
Complete the Exclusive Levels

All too easy
Exclusive Levels: Three stars in all levels

Thank the maker!
Unlock your first secret from the Extras menu

Well, look at you!
Earn your first bonus score in a multiplayer match

No more training do you require
Unlock 5 different bonus scores within the multiplayer mode

The Force is strong
Unlock all of the bonus scores within the multiplayer mode

Collect your first character sticker

Most Impressive
Collect 10 character stickers

PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures Trophy List

PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures is an action game made by Namco Bandai that is based on a TV Show of the same name. In the game players assume the role of Pac-Man. Pac-Man must protect PacWorld from a bunch of ghosts, ghouls and goblins that have escaped the Netherworld. Pac-Man and his friends must team up to save PacWorld. PAC-Man and the Ghostly Adventures will be out on PS3 on October 29, 2013.


Fully Pac-ed
Earn every Trophy in the game

Unlock Chapter 2

Temple-rary Detour
Unlock Chapter 3

What a Drag(on)!
Unlock Chapter 4

An Icy Reception
Unlock Chapter 5

Unlock Chapter 6

A Ghost of a Chance
Complete the final level of the game

Bonus Pac
Complete all bonus levels

Slimy Temple
Collect enough Globe Energy orbs to unlock the Temple of Slime

Icy Temple
Collect enough Globe Energy orbs to unlock the Temple of Ice

Mysterious Temple
Collect enough Globe Energy orbs to unlock the Temple of Mystery

Defeat 100 enemies as Ice Pac

Defeat 100 enemies as Fire Pac

Defeat 100 enemies as Chameleon Pac

Heavy Metal
Defeat 100 enemies as Metal Pac

Roll Model
Defeat 100 enemies as Granite Ball Pac

Oooo! Scary!
Defeat 300 Blue (Scared) Ghosts

Chomp 50 recycling bins over the course of the game

Lemon Rocketeer
Complete all levels of the Lemon Rocket arcade mini-game

Cherries Jubilee
Complete all levels of the Cherry Copter arcade mini-game

Pacerchini Unlimited
Complete all levels of the Pacerchini arcade mini-game

Tanks A Lot
Complete all levels of the Pineapple Tank arcade mini-game

Token Effort
Collect at least one Arcade Token in every level

Pac-ed with Health
Increase Pac's maximum Health to 6

Pacberry Pie Hog
Increase Pac's total lives to 50 or more

Super Pac-Man
Complete an entire level without losing a life

NBA Live 14 Trophy List

NBA Live 14 is a basketball game made by Electronic Arts. It is also marks the return of the series after the last couple NBA games from EA were cancelled. NBA Live 14 adds a lot of new features to the game when it releases. Some of the new features include BounceTek and Ultimate Team. NBA Live 14 will be releasing for the PS4 on November 19, 2013 in NA and EU.


Collect All Trophies

And So It Begins...
Create a LIVE Ultimate Team

I Love Goooooollllllld
Build a LIVE Ultimate Team consisting of only Gold Level Players

Challenge Accepted
Complete a Fantasy Showdown series in LIVE Ultimate Team

Lucky You
Open a pack that contains a rare Player in LIVE Ultimate Team

Frankensteined It
Reconstruct any NBA Team in LIVE Ultimate Team

May the Best Man Win
Play a Finals Game in Head to Head Seasons

Journey Begins Here
Play a Head to Head Seasons Game

On Your Way
Get to League 3 in Head to Head Seasons

To the Top
Get to League 10 in Head to Head Seasons

You're the Best Around
Win an Online Tournament in Head to Head Seasons

The Big O
Average a triple double for a whole season with one player

Reaching for the Stars
Make a trade for a player that is over 85 overall in Dynasty

Clean Sweep
Sweep a Playoff Series in Dynasty Mode

Scratched Off the List
Complete 1 GM Objective in Dynasty Mode

Good Eye
Scout a player with an A potential rating before the Draft in Dynasty

Promote From Within
Max out any staff member

Better than Most Politicians
Complete half of your GM Objectives in a single season

Winners Win
Win a Championship in Dynasty Mode

Reach an Overall Rating of 85 in Rising Star Mode

Reach an Overall Rating of 90 in Rising Star Mode

Reach an Overall Rating of 95 in Rising Star Mode

Collecting Some Hardware
Win a Championship in Rising Star Mode

Hard Work Payin' Off
Win the MVP in Rising Star Mode

In it to Win it
Make the All-Star Team in Rising Star Mode

It's Alive!
Complete a LIVE Season challenge

With Friends Like You...
Post a better score than a Friend in any LIVE Season challenge

The Human Highlight Reel
Complete all BIG Moments for one day

Your Work Here is Done
Complete all objectives in an NBA Rewind game

Up for a Challenge
Earn a Total Challenge Score of at least 3000

Complete 30 LIVE Season challenges

Reach Level 25 in EAS HoopsNet

Reach Level 50 in EAS HoopsNet

We are Family?
Your starting 5 all score in double figures

In Your Face
Make a 3 point shot with a defender in your face

Instant Offense
Have a player come off the bench and score 20 points in a game

Triple Double
Have a player get a triple double in a single player game

Get a quadrouple-double in a single player game

Stat Stuffer
Get at least five in the five main stat categories in a single player game

Make it Rain
Make 10 three point shots shooting >40% for the game

Cleaning the Glass
Outrebound your opponent by 15 in an online Head to Head game

Instant Payoff
Have a steal lead to a fast break basket

Comeback Kid
Come back and win the game after being down by 25 or more in the second half in a single player game

Lead for an entire game in a single player game

Play Callin, Shot Callin
Call a play that ends up in a bucket

Dunk on an opposing player who is trying to block your shot

No One is Left Out
Have every player on your team score in a single player game

Seven Seconds or Less
Score after an opponent's basket with less than 7 seconds on the game clock in an Online Head to Head game

Fear the Beard
Hit your first 7 three pointers in a row with a single player

Block Party
Block 3 shots in the same possession with any team

Need for Speed: Rivals Trophy List

Need for Speed: Rivals is an open-world racing game that is being made by developer Ghost Games in collaboration with Criterion Games. In Rivals, players' can choose to either play as a cop or a racer as they explore and progress through the open-world of Redview County. Players' will progress through the campaign through a new feature that is called All Drive. Players' who have friends playing the game will be introduced into the game without matchmaking lobbies or loading screens as they move through the world. Need for Speed: Rivals will be releasing on PS3 on November 19, 2013 in NA and EU. Need for Speed: Rivals will be launching on the PS4 on November 15, 2013 in NA and November 29, 2013 in EU.


Platinum Trophy
Earn all Need for Speed Rivals Trophies

Gold Master
Earn 100 gold medals across both factions

First National
Bank your first score

10 Heat
Reach Heat 10

Hit a X 10 Multiplier

Bigger Points
Bank 500,000 in one go

5 Buster
Bust a Racer at Heat 5 or greater

8 Buster
Bust a Racer at Heat 8 or greater

Lcnce n Rgstrtn pls
Bust 10 Racers in a Mustang

Bust 50
Bust 50 Racers

Friendly Race
Win a Race against a Friend

Buddy Bust
Bust a Friend

Racer Rank 5
Reach Racer Rank 5

Racer Rank 10
Reach Racer Rank 10

Racer Rank 20
Reach Racer Rank 20

Racer Rank 40
Reach Racer Rank 40

Racer Rank 60
Reach Racer Rank 60

Professional Collector
Purchase 10 Racer vehicles

Cop Rank 5
Reach Cop Rank 5

Cop Rank 10
Reach Cop Rank 10

Cop Rank 20
Reach Cop Rank 20

Cop Rank 40
Reach Cop Rank 40

Cop Rank 60
Reach Cop Rank 60

Upgrade Master
Upgrade all Cop Pursuit Tech in one car to maximum level and equip both slots

Deep Down, You Know You Want To
Drive 50 cumulative minutes in any Ford then enter garage

5, 4, 3, 2, Mach 1!
Get 50 seconds of air time in any Ford car

Contrast Trophy List

Contrast is a puzzle game that is made by indie developer Compulsion Games. Contrast is a game that was last shown at PAX 2013, which was back in March. Contrast is a game that focuses on one mechanic in the game. That mechanic is the idea of being able to move in 3D or be able to flatten yourself against walls in 2D. In Contrast players' assume the role of a young detective, who is named Dawn. They also are put in the shoes of another main character named Didi. The goal of the game is to change the course of past events and mend together the one character's family. Contrast will be on the PS4 at launch and will also be free for PS+ at launch since it is replacing DriveClub. PS3 version will be releasing on November 19, 2013.


To The Heroes Among Us
Unlocked when the player finds the hidden Extra Life 2012 Logo

A Carousel Of Broken Dreams
Unlocked when the player completes Act I

A New Dimension
Unlocked when the player shifts for the first time

The Cyclops' Bottle
Unlocked when the player finds the Cyclops' bottle in the Carousel area

Unlocks when the player completes the game

Unlocked when the player discovers all collectibles in Act II

Handy Person
Unlocked when the player repairs the three attractions

How'd You Get In?
Unlocked when the player completes the Workshop

Unlocked after the player gets their second luminary

Just Like Harry
Unlocked when the player makes it over the crocodiles on their first attempt in the Shadow Theater

Let There Be Light
Unlocked when the player completes the Lighthouse

No Backpack Bird Needed
Unlocked when the player jumps into the treasure chest in the Pirate Ride

Not That Kind Of Game!
Unlocked when the player tries to enter the "XXX" door

Now That's Thinking With Shadows
Unlocked when the player clears the Void Jump on their first attempt

My God, It's Full Of Stars!
Unlocked when the player falls into the void on the way to the Cinema

Room 529
Unlocked when the player leaves the Cabaret

Streets Sweeper
Unlocked after the player discovers all collectibles in Act I

The Family Life
Unlocked when the player examines Didi's family pictures

This Circus Is A Disaster!
Unlocked when the player goes through the circus tent toward the attractions

You Broke My Finger!
Unlocked when the player leaves the Cinema

Unlocked when the player discovers all collectibles in Act III

WWE 2K14 Trophy List

WWE 2K14 is a wrestling game made by Yukes and Visual Concepts. WWE 2K14 is the first game in the 2K series after 2K bought the WWE series after the THQ auction. WWE 2K14 adds a great cast of wrestlers you can choose to play as, like The Rock and The Ultimate Warrior. WWE 2K14 also adds two new modes in 30 Years of Wrestlemania and The Streak. WWE 2K14 will be out on PS3 on October 29, 2013 in NA and November 1, 2013 in EU.


All Trophies Earned
Earn all trophies

History is created!
WWE Universe - Cash in Money in the Bank and win using a Custom Superstar (Single player)

Mr. Money in the Bank
WWE Universe - Win Money in the Bank using a Custom Superstar (Single player)

A once in a lifetime event
WWE Universe - Complete a WrestleMania match using a Custom Superstar (Single player)

A Superstar is born!
WWE Universe - Win a match using a Custom Superstar (Single player)

Watch out!
Successfully reverse a Finisher (Single player)

It's like a car crash!
Break the barricade in 2 places in the same match (Single player)

Successfully perform a Comeback Move (Single player)

You can't let down your guard
Land a Catch or Catapult Finisher (Single Player)

A winning combination!
Use a wake-up taunt, land a Finisher, and immediately Pin your opponent (Single player)

Fighting smart
Attack the same body part using Limb Targeting 10 times in a single match (Single player)

Reached the ropes!
Crawl to the ropes during a submission (Single player)

Oh my!
Break the Announce Table with an OMG Move (Single player)

This is my yard!
Play a match in an arena created in Create-An-Arena mode

Invincible man
Win at least 20 matches on Hard difficulty or higher in Universe or Play Mode (Single player)

A fresh beginning
Play in an Online match (Player match/Ranked match)

A winner is you!
Win 10 ranked matches

Woo Woo Woo!!!
Create a Custom Superstar that is set up with a social account

One of a Kind Superstar
Create a Custom Superstar that uses a Superstar head

Entrance Designer
Create a Custom Entrance that includes a prop

Legend Killer
Defeat the Streak - Defeat Undertaker

Epic Match
Defeat the Streak - Kick out of a Pin from Undertaker 5 times in a single match

Rest in peace
Unlock all of the WrestleMania match photos in Defeat the Streak

The Phenom
Defend the Streak - Play a Defend the Streak match to its natural conclusion, win or lose

The Deadman
Defend the Streak - Defeat 10 Superstars in a single match

The Demon of Death Valley
Defend the Streak - Defeat 30 Superstars in a single match

Lord of Darkness
Defend the Streak - Defeat 50 Superstars in a single match

Hulkamania Runs Wild
Complete chapter 1 in 30 Years of WrestleMania

A New Generation
Complete chapter 2 in 30 Years of WrestleMania

The Attitude Era
Complete chapter 3 in 30 Years of WrestleMania

Ruthless Aggression
Complete chapter 4 in 30 Years of WrestleMania

The Universe Era
Complete chapter 5 in 30 Years of WrestleMania

Complete all historical objectives in 30 Years of WrestleMania

For All Hulkamaniacs
30 Years of WM - WM 9 - Hogan vs. Yokozuna - Win the match

Sudden death
30 Years of WM - WM 12 - Bret Hart vs. HBK - Reach the time limit with no winner

But he still didn't give up!
30 Years of WM - Complete all of the Hidden Objectives in WM13

Final impact
30 Years of WM - WM 17 - The Rock vs. Stone Cold - Hit a critically damaged Rock with a chair

The Big Red Monster
Eliminate 11 opponents with the same Superstar in a single Royal Rumble match (Single player)

Finish Them!
Perform an OMG "Shell Shocked" (Single player)

Feed me more!
Win at least 50 matches on Hard difficulty or higher in Universe or Play Mode (Single player)

Hall of pain
Defeat a total of 10 opponents by K.O. (Single player)

Excuse me!
WWE Universe - Establish a rivalry

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1 Release Date Announced

BioShock Infinite is a first-person shooter that is made by Irrational Games. The game stars Booker DeWitt, whois a former Pinkerton agent as the main protagonist. Booker's goal in the game is to rescue a girl with mysterious powers named Elizabeth. To do this he must go up to the city high in the sky, which is named Columbia. This goal will not be easy as he will have to deal with all the different types of enemies he will come across. One of these enemies is the handyman. Booker and Elizabeth will have to work together to accomplish their goal. BioShock Infinite released on the PS3 on March 26, 2013 Worldwide. Burial at Sea is the second DLC apart of the Season Pass and is the first Story DLC for the game. Burial at Sea Episode 1 has players step into the shoes of Booker DeWitt once again as he tries to complete a mission in the underwater city of Rapture before it fell. Burial at Sea Episode 1 will be $15, but will be free for those with the season pass.

Today Irrational Games has announced when players can get their hands on the second DLC for BioShock Infinite. The second DLC, which is a two-part DLC titled DLC called Burial at Sea will have Episode 1 release in NA on November 12, 2013 and November 13, 2013 in EU. In Episode 1 players step into the shoes of Booker DeWitt once again as he helps Elizabeth with a problem.

Source: GameInformer.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Trophy List

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is the latest entry in the Assassin's Creed series. Assassin's Creed 4 is a new story since the Desmond story is officially over. In Assassin's Creed 4 you play as Edward Kenway, who is the grandfather of Assassin's Creed 3's Connor Kenway. Edward will have to use his set of skills to accomplish his goal in the game. Assassin's Creed 4 sees the return of naval battles in the game.Assassin's Creed 4 takes place in the West Indies during the Golden Age of Pirates. Players' will come across notorious pirates like Black Beard in the game. Player's will also be able to go on under water explorations for treasure and even go search the jungles for it as well. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will be out worldwide on the PS3 on October 29, 2013 and is also a PS4 launch title.


Prizes, Plunder, and Adventure!
Win every trophy

Heroes Aren't Born
Complete memory sequence 1

Good While It Lasted
Complete memory sequence 2

A Pirate's Life For Me
Complete memory sequence 3

No Apologies
Complete memory sequence 4

Death Of A Salesman
Complete memory sequence 5

Mixing Up The Medicines
Complete memory sequence 6

The Hammer Falls
Complete memory sequence 7

Complete memory sequence 8

A New Hope
Complete memory sequence 9

My Elusive Fortune
Complete memory sequence 10

Been Down So Long...
Complete memory sequence 11

Just Like Starting Over
Complete memory sequence 12

Saw That One Coming...
Complete memory sequence 13

Routine Hacking
Complete present day mission 2

Getting Weird Around Here
Complete present day mission 3

Bunker Buddies
Complete present day mission 4

It's All Good
Complete present day mission 5

By The Book
Complete 100% of all main mission constraints

Wake up in a haystack

Silence, Fool!
Kill a guard ringing a bell

Complete every activity in a single location

Vault Raider
Unlock the secret door in Tulum

Killer Killer
Harpoon a killer whale

Help A Brother Out
Complete a Templar Hunt sequence

Sea Legs
Complete all naval contracts

King Of The Castle
Capture all forts

Employee Of The Month
Complete 25 Abstergo challenges

Business And Pleasure
Earn 50,000 reales

Swim a total of 1 nmi

Redingote Up!
Craft the Hunter outfit

Thug Life
Plunder 30 ships

Devil Of The Caribbean
Defeat all 4 Legendary ships

Fully upgrade the Jackdaw

Seven Deadly Seas
Explore all underwater shipwrecks

Unlock all taverns

Cannon fodder
Recruit 500 crew members

Fully upgrade your hideout

Visit every location of the game

Ghost In The Machine
Hack 15 computers in Abstergo Entertainment

Roped In
Perform 5 air assassinations from a swinging rope

Sharing Is Caring
Share each type of discovery with friends once

All Aboard!
Board a ship without losing any crew members

Siren Song
Rescue pirate hostages by distracting enemies with "dancers"

Wild West Indies
Kill 4 enemies in a row using multi-pistols

Find a buried treasure

Committed To The Cause
Reach level 55 in Multiplayer

Personal Bag Of Tricks
Finish a game session with an ability set that you customized in Multiplayer

Master Of The Caribbean
Complete the Discovery Mode of Wolfpack in Multiplayer

Lab Technician
Play and complete a game session of Game Lab in the Multiplayer Public playlist

All Rounder
Play on every game mode and use every ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer

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