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Officially Licensed PS4 Media Remote Revealed

Video game accessories company PDP has designed an officially licensed PlayStation 4 media remote that is set to go on sale later this year. The peripheral has yet to be officially announced, but retail listings at Amazon and GameStop suggest that PDP's PS4 media remote will launch in October for $30.

The remote offers wireless control via Bluetooth for up to four devices. In addition to your PS4, the remote can control your TV, set-top box, and audio receiver. As you can see in the image below, it also features PS4-specific buttons to control playback on your console without a DualShock 4.
The PS4 media remote requires two AAA batteries; battery life is pegged at a minimum of six months under normal use.
Sony has not announced plans to make its own PS4 media remote as it did for the PlayStation 3, but as noted earlier, PDP's is an officially licensed product. Best Buy's Insignia brand previously released a PS4 media remote, but it was not an officially licensed item.

For a closer look at PDP's new PS4 media remote, check out some images in the gallery below.

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Source: Gamespot

Street Fighter V Beta Codes Being Sent; Download Size Revealed

Amazon & GameStop are now sending beta codes for those who have pre-ordered Street Fighter V. When redeemed, the beta will take up just 1.409 GB to download and also an update file that is also 1.409 GB in size.

The beta kicks off on July 23rd at 6PM (PST) and will last for five days. It features four playable characters in the beginning: Charlie, Chun-Li, M. Bison and Ryu. Birdie and Cammy will also be added on July 25th.

When the beta launches, participants can only play online multiplayer as local multiplayer won’t be supported. After selecting a character, they will be placed in a training room until the servers can find another player.

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Rocket League "Aggressive" Free & Paid DLC Plans

Rocket League, the strangely addictive mashup of soccer and driving games, has a lot going for it right now. Launched less than two weeks ago, the title is featured as a free-to-own title for PlayStation Plus members this month, feeding fresh meat into a growing grinder also populated by PC players. The game has become incredibly popular, so much so that when the dedicated servers started flaking out no one cared.

The confluence of players from more than 2 million downloads has the developers working feverishly on updates as well as DLC, and when they spoke with PlayStation Universe earlier this month, they made some bold statements about their next steps.

"Our future plans for Rocket League are VERY aggressive," a spokesperson from developer Psyonix said [emphasis PlayStation Universe's]. "We plan on supporting the game with frequent updates, patches, enhancements, and more, that will include a mix of both free and paid DLC. That includes new Battle-Cars, Decals, Rocket Boosts, Antennas, Wheels, and other things.

In the interview they stressed that maps would always be free, but said that they had "a lot of other ideas floating in the pipeline."

"Weapons aren't something we plan to add in Rocket League — but power-ups are possible. New game modes and game-changing events/ items will be based on community demand and where our players want to take us!" "There are not going to be power-ups added to the game"

Psyonix's zeal to get new content into the game spooked some members of the Rocket League Reddit community, now some 30,000 members strong.

"When I read an article about the interview I became a little worried," wrote Reddit user TrueAppleJay. "The game right now is fantastic and easy to learn while challenging and balanced. It's a skill based game almost in its entirety. ... If you play casually you still manage to have some of the most fun you may have while playing video games.

"I am very concerned that power-ups in the vein of stronger hits, faster cars, and higher jumps will ruin the perfect balance the game currently masters."

But the team at Psyonix was quick to step in and amend their statement.

"There are not going to be power-ups added to the game," wrote Psyonix_Dave. "We're not going to change balance, add stats, change physics, etc. We have a good formula and there are already infinite ways to make the game even better without changing core gameplay. That answer may have been based on the possibility of adding mutators that allow private matches to change things up for a single match just to mix things up but absolutely not for regular gameplay."

Rocket League is already receiving attention from the eSports community. The ESL has set up both a European and a North American division and the very first Kick Off Cup was held on July 12.

Source: Polygon

Dark Souls 3's combat is faster in a post-Bloodborne world

Dark Souls 3's combat is faster and more fluid than is predecessors, changes that a hands-on report in the latest issue of Edge puts squarely in the context of a game released after developer From Software's not-quite-Souls-title Bloodborne.

Edge's time with Dark Souls 3 highlighted two notable changes to the game in development, both of which concern movement. Backstepping, a move so important to Dark Souls combat that it's mapped to a face button, has been "sped up." Swinging greatswords — tools of destruction often as tall as players that have heretofore traded low speed for high damage — is also faster.

In changes like those, Edge can feel the influence of Bloodborne, From Software's PlayStation 4 exclusive released earlier this year. It's not a Dark Souls game, but it shares many qualities with From Software's other role-playing game series. Those include not only Dark Souls' signature button mapping, where players lunch attacks with shoulder buttons and triggers, but also the dedicated backstepping button.

Despite their similarities, one of the big differences between Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series is that pace at which combat unfolds. The latter is more plodding, filled with caution and shield blocking and breaking. Bloodborne ditches shields, puts weapons in both hands, and compels action. Bloodborne even boosts the risk/reward strategy and gives players slices of regained health for hitting enemies. Dark Souls 3 seems poised to add a bit more movement to deliberate combat.

Edge's Dark Souls 3 impressions comport with the hands-off walkthrough Polygon saw at E3 2015. Series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki played the game and explained that he wants more sword diversity, more risk and more reward. The game's new weapon arts mechanic expands what's possible with standard weapons. Using the "ready stance" mechanic, players can launch guard-breaking and distance-closing attacks with short swords. Greatswords offer lunging attacks that break stances or launch players into the air.

The quickened pace of combat and expanded options also carry over to the short bow, which players will be able to fire while strafing, a mechanic we said makes bows "much more effective in fast paced combat situations."

You can find more of Edge's impressions in the current issue, which is available for purchase online.

Dark Souls 3 is scheduled for an early 2016 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Source: Polygon

Dark Souls 3 gameplay and new changes to combat

As Dark Souls makes the leap to a new generation of consoles, developer From Software wants to evolve the series' combat, provide new ways to role-play and increase the viable range of character builds, the franchise's creator says.

Game director and Souls series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki showed a gameplay demonstration of Dark Souls 3 at an E3 2015 presentation today, highlighting what's changing in the sequel and how From Software hopes to expand upon the series' trademark features.

Miyazaki described the "world view" of Dark Souls 3 as "not just dark," but with a withered beauty. It's a world littered with ember and ash, dimly lit by a faded sun. The world of Dark Souls 3 aims for full immersion in dark fantasy, Miyazaki said, with dynamic light sources and wind-blown ash and cloth effects.

The game's story will continue the tale of a lord-slaying dark hero and the "Lord of Cinder."
Miyazaki said From Software hopes to deepen the series' combat mechanics with the introduction of what it calls weapon arts. This new mechanic adds another layer to hand-to-hand combat, giving players additional attacks that are specific to certain weapon types. Miyazaki said he hopes the addition will boost the diversity of sword action and risk/reward strategy.

As an example, Miyazaki showed off how players will be able to use a straight sword to enter a "ready stance." From that stance, players can launch two different types of attacks: one that delivers a devastating blow designed to break an enemy's guard and another that quickly closes the distance between the player and their target.

The weapon arts for the game's greatswords are different. Instead of entering a stance, the player can lunge forward, boosting their poise, and unleash powerful attacks that cause great damage or launch an opponent into the air. Miyazaki showed how dual-wielding a pair of scimitars works with weapon arts as well; players can unleash a powerful spin move that can quickly dispatch a tightly-packed group of undead enemies.

The new weapon mechanic also extends to ranged weapons. Using a short bow, players can use weapon arts to quickly fire off arrows while strafing and dodge-rolling. The option to target and fire from far away is still there, but short bow weapon arts make bows much more effective in fast paced combat situations.

Miyazaki mentioned two sources of inspiration for the new weapon arts: Guts from Berserk when describing how greatsword combat is changing, and The Lord of the Rings' speedy archer Legolas.

During our hands-off walkthrough of Dark Souls 3, Miyazaki said that the game world will feature a greater sense of exploration than in previous installments. That sense of exploration sounded like the standard "See that castle in the distance? You can go there!" promises, but in the environment we saw at E3, a region called the Wall of Lodeleth, there seemed to be more branching paths and a sense of open exploration than in previous games.

The dark medieval setting of Dark Souls 3 will look immediately familiar to fans of the series, boosted by a sense of apocalyptic decay present throughout the fantasy environments we saw. The air is thick with the ash of a decaying dragon. Undead creatures and knights roam the streets and dark hallways of the game world, including familiar foes like undead dreglings and rabid, desiccated dogs. A giant fire-breathing dragon, a Miyazaki favorite, presented opportunity for instant death.

One moment that From Software showed that piqued our interest was on a rooftop environment, where a cluster of undead creatures were seen praying to some unknown force. One undead approached the player aggressively, and a black, dragon-like creature burst forth from his body. It actually appeared more like the dragon — liquid and not fully formed — partially slipped through some tear in reality, immediately reminding me of creatures seen in the original Dark Souls' Abyss.

Miyazaki's demo culminated in a battle against one of the game's bosses, a creature known as the Dancer of the Frigid Valley. The lanky, armored creature moved like nothing else we've seen in a Souls game to date; it skulked slowly around the environment, almost as if it were swimming through the cathedral in which the battle took place. With its iron veil and an ethereal, shimmering cape, the dancer had feminine qualities, Miyazaki pointed out. It's a formidable foe: The dancer wields a burning, curved sword that left scorched marks on the ground when it struck. Columns around the battle arena burned when the dancer slashed them, making them feel less like a structure to hide behind, and more of a hazard.

In familiar Dark Souls boss fashion, the dancer switched up its attacks when its health was depleted to a point. Mid-battle, it summoned forth a second sword, this one coated in ash, from what appeared to be a separate dimension. The boss then lived up to its name, pirouetting with both swords drawn and unleashing a dual-elemental, extended series of attacks. The player knight fell before we saw the dancer defeated.
Miyazaki indicated that ash will be a new element type in Dark Souls 3. He didn't come right out and say it, but ash appears to be a frequently used theme in the game world.

Here are some other random things I noticed during the demo:

  • Players will discover small gravestones hidden throughout the world. Players can "offer flame" to those stones, letting them to read the epitaph chiseled upon them. Those inscriptions will offer hints about the story.
  • The torch from Dark Souls 2 returns. In Dark Souls 3, however, players can not only equip it to light up an area, they can also raise it higher to boost the effect.
  • The estus flask is back. The icon in the UI will actually show that the flask is depleting as players get down to their final few swigs.
  • Miyazaki said he wanted to make the game's knights — a terrifying foe in the early hours of Demon's Souls — more powerful. It looks like he has succeeded.

Dark Souls 3
will be released on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One sometime in early 2016.

Source: Polygon

GTA 5 Heist Offers Double Rewards All Week Long

Looking to earn extra cash and reputation in Grand Theft Auto V? You're in luck, as Rockstar Games on Monday announced that, this week only, the four-person Humane Labs heist for GTA Online will offer 2XP RP and GTA$ payouts. The promotion began today and runs through July 26.


Rockstar notes that the double GTA$ bonus extends to the heist's Elite Challenges.

The Humane Labs heist involves breaking into a building and stealing computer files. You can get the full rundown of what to expect here.
In addition, Rockstar is increasing the RP rewards for some GTA Online activities and challenges as means to help players rank up faster. The following activities and challenges will yield more RP starting now.

  • Plane Takedown
  • Flight School
  • Destroy Vehicle Targets
  • Complete a Gang Attack
  • Deliver an Export Vehicle to Simeon
  • Parachuting
  • Deathmatch: Kill 2 Enemies Within 10 seconds, Kill an Enemy Within First 30 seconds
  • Vehicle Deathmatch: Kill 2 Enemies Within 10 seconds of Each Other, Kill an Enemy Within First 60 seconds, Get a Killstreak, Get First Kill

In addition, Rockstar announced that every day this week it will release an "additional incentive" to help players make the most out of the 2X RP and GTA$ payouts. These were not announced.

This latest GTA Online event follows a recent double RP weekend event for the Prison Break heist.
Are you still playing GTA Online heists? Are these promotions drawing you back in? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Galak-Z PS Vita Version Put “On Ice” - PS4 Version Releases on August 4

On the same day Galak-Z from 17-Bit (Skulls of the Shogun) was given a PlayStation 4 release date of August 4 in North America, the developers announced on Twitter that the PlayStation Vita version isn’t happening:

Vita faithful: heart-breaking technical limitations force us to put #galakz Vita on ice. Can’t compromise beautiful & responsive gameplay.

Asked by someone on Twitter if they could make it fully 2D on Vita, 17-Bit replied:

We spared no expense or creativity in trying to figure it out.. Unity on Vita along w/ our intense physics & AI make it a no go.

As for why 17-Bit announced the Vita version in the first place, they said, “We thought the conversion would be straightforward but the RAM limitations are just too great without entirely reworking the game.”

Here’s the description for Galak-Z on PS4:

Classic anime, ’90s spaceship shooters, and precision arcade gameplay collide in Galak-Z. Shockingly smart enemies work together and track your every move as you hone your skills to pilot your ship in zero gravity. A living and interactive environment serves as the stage for your physics-based death ballet in this hand-drawn homage to anime dreams.

A European release date isn’t finalized yet, but the developers believe it “should be close to the same” as North America.

Source: PlaystationLifestyle

DriveClub Update 1.20 Live on PS4, Adds New Features & Preps for Final Season Pass DLC

Released earlier today, DriveClub update 1.20 is a 0.5GB download and brings the total size of all updates so far to 10.84GB.

Taking player feedback into account, the new patch introduces ELITE Driver Levels, adds new filters and frames to Photo Mode, improves game performance and stability, and much more.

Here’s everything included inside update 1.20:

  • ELITE Driver Levels are now available above Level 60. You’ll have to prove your skills on the track as well as reach the required number of Tour Stars and Fame Points to earn these ELITE Levels! Every new Driver Level has a reward too.
  • New ‘Random Event’ in DRIVE lets you quickly get behind the wheel and try something different. It’s perfect for creating new Challenges!
  • Club Challenges now show all Club Members participating and individual leaderboard positions to make it more rewarding and competitive for everyone taking part.
  • New Club Leaderboards for every Tour event: go and get your Club ranked in your favourite events as soon as you update the game!
  • Improved camera shake and new Gameplay Settings option to adjust the camera shake intensity – or turn it down completely for a silky smooth drive.
  • New Gameplay Settings option to turn Face-offs on or off, for those of you who prefer the pure thrill of the race without any distractions or extra opportunities for earning Fame.
  • New Garage options to filter the vehicles so that you can more easily find the car you’re looking for.
  • Adds new filters and frames to Photo Mode.
  • Adds the ability to toggle ghosts on and off in Time Trial and Drift mode, by using left on the D-Pad.
  • Stunning new #PS4share photo added to the loading screen.
  • Updated Credits with personal messages, special thanks and new members of the team!
  • Includes general improvements for game performance, stability and usability.

Update 1.20 also preps DriveClub for all the new DLC releasing worldwide on July 28, which includes the Horsepower Expansion Pack and UniteInSpeed Tour Pack:

  • Adds support for the Horsepower Expansion Pack (download from PlayStation Store) – which includes the Horsepower Car Pack and Horsepower Tour Pack. Costs €5.99/£4.99/$5.99 if you don’t own the Season Pass.
  • The Horsepower Car Pack includes: Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K, McLaren P1 GTR, Nissan GT-R NISMO, Renault Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R and the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione.
  • The Horsepower Tour includes 11 new Events and 5 new Trophies.
  • Collect every star in the Horsepower Tour to earn a new bonus Livery.
  • Adds support for the UniteInSpeed Tour Pack (download from PlayStation Store).
  • The UniteInSpeed Tour Pack includes 11 new Events and 5 new Trophies.
  • Collect every star in the UniteInSpeed Tour to earn a bonus Livery.
  • Adds support for two new livery packs coming to PlayStation Store. Each Livery Pack contains 5 new livery patterns to customize your cars with.

While the Season Pass content ends this month, Evolution has big plans for DriveClub going forward, including more free cars, new Tours, and private lobbies. Here’s what’s coming after update 1.20:

  • Private lobbies! This is our main focus now that the servers are running smoothly and the PS+ Edition of DriveClub is live.
  • DriveClub companion app: We’ll have more news on this soon.
  • More free cars: There isn’t a new free car coming in July but we’ve got some awesome cars lined up for you in August and September!
  • More Cars & Tours: The packs coming in July mark the end of the Season Pass but not the end of DriveClub! We have much more coming so stay with us.
  • More Game Updates: We’re committed to keeping the game fresh and enjoyable for you, so we will continue to make improvements and add features based on your feedback. Please keep sharing your thoughts with us to help us continually evolve the game around you.

What do you hope to see added to DriveClub in the future?

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Tembo The Badass Elephant out Tomorrow on PS4

Tembo The Badass Elephant comes out Tomorrow on PS4. Heres what the Director and Character Designer James Turner has to say about it:

Tembo The Badass Elephant – out tomorrow on PS4 – is the type of game I’ve always wanted to make. As a kid growing up in England in the ‘90s, I would play a lot of platform games on the SNES and Mega Drive, and then come up with my own characters and game ideas, sketching them out with coloured pencils.

I never really grew out of it, and ended up working in the games industry, in London at first, moving to Japan later, eventually joining Game Freak about five years ago.

Game Freak are most famous as the creators of Pokémon, but they have a history of making great action games too, like Pulseman for the Mega Drive, or Drill Dozer for the Game Boy Advance.

I pitched the company my idea for a new mascot character game, Tembo The Badass Elephant, and they liked it. After we made a demo version, they greenlit the project for production.

The starting point for the game was the character of Tembo himself: a big, powerful elephant commando who can bulldoze almost anything in his path.

Tembo comes from the jungle island of Tuskland, where he fought in a human war alongside a colonel named Krenman. Many years after that war, Krenman is back in his native Shell City, when it’s invaded by an evil army known as PHANTOM.

Krenman, realising he needs some serious wrecking power, calls upon his old friend Tembo to destroy the nefarious PHANTOM and save the city.

A really important element of this game is the way that Tembo controls. We spent a lot of time making him feel heavy and strong, yet speedy and precise. You can stampede through enemies and objects, racking up combos as you go, then spring into a jump and butt stomp through meters of concrete in one satisfying chain of action.

We wanted enemies to provide a good challenge for the badass Tembo, so the PHANTOM army will throw some heavy duty characters at you, from tanks and helicopters to massive mechanical bosses. Towards the end of the game the screen will be pretty much full of enemies trying to destroy you with missiles, bombs, and body blows.

To realise this kind of frenetic, physics-based action, we needed to use the power of the current generation of hardware. Working on the PS4 was a great experience. The artists could fill the screen with high resolution textures and environmental effects, and the level designers could pack levels with objects and enemies to destroy.

One thing I personally like about PS4 is the controller. For this game, the D-pad works well, and I like its placement and the way it feels. The controller’s vibration feels particularly good, and works nicely when you’re smashing up in-game scenery.

It’s a new and exciting experience for Game Freak to be releasing a game for PlayStation 4. I hope you’re excited to play!

Source: Playstation Blog

Odin Sphere HD Remaster and New Project Announced By Atlus and VanillaWare

Atlus and VanillaWare have announced an HD remake of Odin Sphere. The remake is titled Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir and isfor the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Vita consoles. Judging from the description this will be much more than just a standard HD port. It will be more like a complete update with new gameplay systems, but it appears to feature a classic mode as well.

Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir will launch in Japan in January and first run copies will include an artbook.

Though that announcement was pretty sweet the two didn’t stop there. They are working on an entirely new project as well. While they didn’t reveal many details about this project today there is a teaser video:

More details about this project will be coming in September.

Atlus and VanilliaWare Make Two Big Announcements -opr

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