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EU PlayStation Store Update - December 8th, 2015

It’s been a busy few days on PlayStation Store – if you tuned in to the PlayStation Experience keynote on Saturday, you’ll know that Final Fantasy VII, Fat Princess Adventures, Nuclear Throne and the PS Vita version of Bastion all had surprise launches on PlayStation Store over the weekend.

But that’s not all this week has in store. Look out for the long anticipated PS3 release of Yakuza 5; indie darlings Among the Sleep and Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, PS4/PS Vita strategy game Guns Up!, and phenomenal arcade revival Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours. Plenty to be getting on with, then…

Out this week

  • Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours
    (Out 08/12/15)

  • Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition
    (Out 09/12/15)

  • Among the Sleep
    (Out 09/12/15)

  • Guns Up!
    (Out 09/12/15)
    Free of Charge

  • MotoGP 15 Compact
    (Out 10/12/15)

  • MotoGP 15 Compact
    (Out 10/12/15)

  • Borderlands 2 Ultimate Edition
    (Out 11/12/15)

  • Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition
    (Out 09/12/15)

  • Panda Run
    (Out 09/12/15)


  • Awesomenauts Assemble!
  • Power Pack – 07/12/15
  • Starstorm Expansion Character Bundle – 07/12/15

  • Samurai Warriors 4 II
  • Exclusive Costume Set – 07/12/15
  • Costumes 1,2,3,4,5 – 07/12/15

  • Destiny
  • 5000 (+800 Bonus) Destiny Silver – 08/12/15

  • Pinball Arcade
  • F-14 Tomcat – 08/12/15
  • F-14 Tomcat Pro – 08/12/15
  • F-14 Tomcat Pro Upgrade – 08/12/15
  • High Speed II – 08/12/15
  • High Speed II Pro – 08/12/15
  • High Speed II Upgrade – 08/12/15
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – 08/12/15
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Pro – 08/12/15
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Upgrade – 08/12/15
  • Season Five Pass – 08/12/15
  • Season Five Pro Pass – 08/12/15
  • Season Five Pro Upgrade – 08/12/15

  • LittleBigPlanet 3
  • Doctor Who Amy Pond Costume – 08/12/15
    From £1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95
  • Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Costume- 08/12/15
    From £1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95
  • Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Costume Pack – 08/12/15
    From £4.99/€5.99/AU$8.95
  • Doctor Who Silent Costume – 08/12/15
    From £1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95
  • Doctor Who Sontaran Costume- 08/12/15
    From £1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95

  • Rockband 4
  • ‘Heir Apparent’ – Opeth – 08/12/15
    From £1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95
  • ‘Nevermore’ – Symphony X- 08/12/15
    From £1.19/€1.49/AU$2.25
  • ‘The Coma Machine’ – Between the Buried and Me – 08/12/15
    From £1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95

  • Warframe
  • Prime Vault Frost Prime Pack- 09/12/15

  • RockSmith 2014
  • Tenacious D Song Pack- 09/12/15
  • Master Exploder – Tenacious D- 09/12/15

  • Farming Simulator
  • Niva – 09/12/15

  • Guns Up
  • Battle Support Pack – 09/12/15
  • Defence Budget Pack – 09/12/15
  • Supplies Pack – 09/12/15
  • Special Forces Bundle – 09/12/15
  • Welcome Bundle – 09/12/15
  • Provisions Pack – 09/12/15
  • War Chest Pack- 09/12/15
  • PlayStation Plus Bundle – 09/12/15
    Free of charge

  • Rock Band 3
  • Export Packs Up PlayStation Plus Bundle – 11/12/15

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in December

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Retro Shooter Zotrix Out Today on PS4

Today, Alex Lotz, from UFO Interactive stopped by the Playstation Blog to talk about their upcoming game.

We’re excited to announce that Zotrix is available today on PS4! Zotrix is a twin-stick space shooter that combines the retro look and feel of 80’s and 90’s arcade games with modern gameplay elements, customization, and depth.

The game’s console debut adds an Arcade Mode, new missions, more boss encounters, as well as new ships and power-ups unavailable in the well-received original version that some may be familiar with from its PC launch.

Zotrix is a twin-stick space shooter at its core, but on top of that it’s also a surprisingly deep space trading game. The Story Mode gives you specific objectives, but lets you plot your own route through a network of space stations to achieve them. You’ll escort trade ships from one station to the next, protecting them from onslaughts of enemies in intricate flight patterns attempting to intercept or destroy humanity’s vital war resources.

Some resources can only be earned by completing missions, while others can be bought or sold at each space station’s Trading Room. You can view the current values for each resource per space station and plot your route accordingly to earn the highest reward for resources you sell, then use the credits you earn to upgrade your ship or improve its load out.

Available ship upgrades and power-ups include decoys to draw enemy fire away from you, bombs and torpedoes that inflict massive damage in a large area, laser turrets that auto-fire with your ship, and shields to absorb more damage. The properties of the base ship and the exact upgrades and power-ups you choose can be thoroughly customized to fit your play style, or to deal with the unique challenges of specific missions.

If you’d rather spend more time on action and less on economics, the PS4 exclusive Arcade Mode may be more your style. This mode features 20 missions with new boss fights, and is all about blasting and outmaneuvering swarms of enemies to beat your personal high score. You can still earn power-ups in Arcade Mode based on your performance, and choose the ones you want to fit your play style, but without as much time spent in planning and strategic decision making as Story Mode.

Honing your skills to get one level further in Arcade Mode is just as satisfying as it was in Galaga and the other games that inspired Zotrix, but the power-ups you can pick up and unlock as you progress — and a much more maneuverable ship that can even dive under projectiles — empower you to deal with incoming enemies in ways you never could before.

The PS4 version of Zotrix also adds epic boss fights with bullet-hell and puzzle components, new missions for added depth and challenge in Story Mode, as well as new power-ups and ship types that can be combined for loadouts not possible in the original release. We also can’t forget to mention the game’s energizing soundtrack (We literally can’t forget… the songs are stuck in our head), which features 12 trance and deep house artists from around the world.

Source: Playstation Blog

Free Online Multiplayer for All PS4 Players This Weekend

Today, Andy Lum from Sony Computer Entertainment America stopped by the Playstation Blog to announce a free online multiplayer weekend for all PS4 players.

Call up your friends, grab your DualShock 4, and get ready for some multiplayer gaming action this weekend. We’re bringing back free online multiplayer to all PS4 owners starting this Friday, courtesy of PlayStation Plus.

Free multiplayer access begins Friday, December 11th at 12:01 AM Pacific through Sunday, December 13, at 11:59 PM Pacific. What better way to check out the recently released free DLC Star Wars Battlefront Battle of Jakku before the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

To get started, log on to PlayStation Network during the free weekend period, launch your favorite multiplayer game, and you’ll instantly have access to multiplayer with your friends. There’s no membership commitment required to try out online multiplayer during this period.

If you are interested in learning more about what PlayStation Plus offers in addition to online multiplayer on PS4, such as free PlayStation Plus monthly games, exclusive member discounts, online game saves and more, head here for more information.


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Earth Defense Force 4.1 and 2 Launch Today on PlayStation

Today, Ryan Graff, Localization for XSEED Games stopped by the Playstation Blog to talk about their upcoming games.

I had three passions growing up: games, movies, and really bad movies. I’d come home from school, spend a few hours exploring Final Fantasy VI or slicing through Knights of the Round, head out with some friends to see The Rock or Independence Day, and then come home and nod off to a Mystery Science Theater riffing of The Creeping Terror or The Beginning of the End (with a little homework squeezed in somewhere, sometimes, maybe).

Primitive and cheesy as they usually were, those old movies had a certain… gumption to them, a sort of earnest overconfidence you couldn’t help but smile at.

The 16-bit console wars were in full swing back then, and while I loved all the advances games had made since the old-old days, I imagined what games might look like ten or twenty years down the road. As fun as it could be to hurl buildings in King of the Monsters, I wanted a game that could show you how huge the monsters really were. As much as I loved blasting my way through Contra III, I imagined a game where that one soldier had a whole army backing him up, and where he had the freedom to explore the battlefield with whatever guns and vehicles he wanted.

And then along came Earth Defense Force.

Not to be confused with the old-school scrolling shooter of the same name, the Earth Defense Force series casts the player as a heroic soldier, part of the eponymous military outfit, out to stop a horde of alien invaders. Yeah, the story’s just about as old as gaming itself, but these games aren’t about story. They’re about joy.

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying up in a jetpack to land that perfect shot on the alien mothership right before it fires its main cannon, or calling down a full-scale airstrike to destroy an onrushing swarm of ten-foot bugs, or charging into single combat against a giant fire-breathing kaiju beast, this is the series for you.

Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space on PS Vita, an enhanced re-release of the original Earth Defense Force 2, plays out the whole scenario as a classic B-movie, with flying saucers, warbling synth sound effects, and just a hint of cheese. (Speaking as one of the guys who supervised the voiceover recordings, there’s nothing quite like seeing a respected, professional actor deliver the line, “My God, it’s the ultimate Buggernaut!”) If you happen to enjoy the sci-fi matinées of old, no other game out there captures their spirit more fondly.

Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair for PS4 is an expanded, polished remake of Earth Defense Force 2025. Taking several steps beyond its B-movie roots, 4.1 has more of a Pacific Rim/Starship Troopers vibe, with full platoons of human soldiers throwing everything they have (and then some) at all kinds of aliens, starships, and robots, all presented with top-notch production values and tons and tons and megatons of explosions.

You’ll fight alongside your fellow troops and tanks through collapsing cities and burning battlefields, pilot all kinds of vehicles, stop in the middle of combat to lead your men in an impromptu musical number (if you feel like it; your men follow your commands, and “dance” and “sing” are perfectly valid commands), and of course, buckle up inside a giant robot and punch out an alien dinosaur. 4.1 enhances the framerate of Earth Defense Force 2025, adds new features, missions and weapons, and remixes many of the old ones.

Both games offer more than 500 different weapons and vehicles, with almost 100 different battle scenarios each and five (Or more?) difficulties to tackle however you see fit. You can bolster your favorite soldier class by finding new weapons and armor, take that soldier online to level up with friends on tougher versions of your favorite missions, and then bring back the loot from those missions to level up some more back home.
4.1 also has a two-player split-screen mode (both versus and co-op) for offline multiplayer, while EDF 2 has an online “Rumble Mode” where up to four players can each bring their best soldier into a showdown.

These are games I wished for way back when, and not only do I get to play them now, but I’ve had the honor of helping to bring them to you guys!

What games do you wish for?

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The Tomorrow Children Closed Beta Starts January 21st

Today, Dylan Cuthbert, President and Executive Producer of Q-Games Ltd. stopped by the Playstation Blog to talk about their upcoming game.

Dylan Cuthbert from Q-Games, here! I’m the director of The Tomorrow Children and we just wrapped up a great showing at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco and we’re thrilled with the positive feedback we received from the community.

It was a pleasure to meet you all and I can’t wait to open the game to the community once again when The Tomorrow Children closed beta starts in January!

The closed beta opens on January 21st and will only be online for a short period of time, so make sure you sign up here.*
As an added bonus, players who participate in the Beta will be rewarded with an exclusive costume.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, allow me to explain about what kind of experience you should expect in the retro-futuristic, cold war-themed, post-apocalyptic alternate timeline that is The Tomorrow Children.

The Tomorrow Children is an online social action adventure game that is going to take you somewhere you’ve never been before. In The Tomorrow Children, the surface of the earth is encased in a white shell known as the “Void,” the aftermath of a soviet experiment gone horribly wrong.

With your online comrades you will brave the Void to collect resources and develop towns, all while defending yourselves against the Izverg, mysterious creatures that emerge from the depths of the Void destroying everything in their wake.

The key to surviving and, more importantly, restoring the world to its former glory requires players to collaborate with comrades to search out the lost DNA in the Void and convert it back into human form, all the while constructing and defending the towns for this new human race to live in, eventually re-populating the world!

We can’t wait to play together next month in the closed beta, and if you missed our live demo of the game at PlayStation Experience, you can watch the replay here.

Bourgeoisie unite!

*U.S. and Canada players only –Japan, Asia and European players will need to sign up in their home territory.

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PlayStation Messages App Coming to iOS and Android Devices Today

Today, John Koller, Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing, SCEA stopped by the Playstation Blog to announce a new phone app for Playstation Messages.

Connecting with friends on PlayStation Network is about to get even easier with the PlayStation Messages app for iOS and Android devices, available now. This app gives you a dedicated interface to quickly send messages to people on your friends list, right from your phone. Want to check if your friends are ready for a round of Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops III? The Messages app gives you an easy way to gather the team.

We know that Messages is the most used feature of the PlayStation App, so we created the standalone PlayStation Messages app with a more streamlined design in order to get you into your Messages and communicating with your friends faster than ever before.

The app will display your full friends list, sorted by online status or alphabetically. It will also show any Favorite Groups you’ve added to message several people at once. You can send text or voice messages, as well as stickers and attachments.

Source: Playstation Blog

Gone Home on PS4 This January

Today, Steve Gaynor, Co-Founder of Fullbright stopped by the Playstation Blog to talk about their upcoming game.

Hi all! I was one of the creators of Gone Home, an award-winning, story-focused indie title that made a splash a while back on PC. It’s a game where you explore story, interactively—it’s the very human story of one family and what they’ve left behind. Ever since we first launched Gone Home on PC we’ve wanted to bring the game to more players, and today I’m psyched to announce that Gone Home is making its way to PS4 this coming January! I recorded a personal message about this exciting news—check it out below:

More than anything, we’re incredibly grateful for the passionate audience of fans that have fallen in love with Gone Home since its release. The ways that Gone Home has connected with so many people on a personal, emotional level just means the world to us. And so our goal with bringing the game to consoles wasn’t to alter or add extraneous stuff onto an experience that already holds a special place in so many players’ hearts—instead, it’s been our mission to translate the original PC version as perfectly as we can, tailoring the game to feel native to new platforms. We’re going the extra mile to make this the very best Gone Home experience you could hope for—and we’re so excited for the PlayStation audience to discover the game’s mysteries anew as they explore the House on Arbor Hill.

Of course, it’s not just the core story that Gone Home has to offer: We also recorded more than an hour and a half of behind-the-scenes developer commentary from the team that created the game, as well as the talented voice actors and musicians that brought the experience to life—including in-depth insight from Sarah Grayson, the voice of Sam Greenbriar; Chris Remo, who composed our musical score; and original riot grrrl musician Corin Tucker, the lead singer of Sleater-Kinney. Gone Home is a small but dense creation filled with the art and expression of so many talented individuals, and we’re really excited to give players an even more intimate view into how this game came to be.

In the time since Gone Home was originally released, there’s been an outpouring of requests from fans asking for the game to appear on their platform of choice—and we’re so happy to be able to finally come through for them, and bring this one-of-a-kind experience to PS4. Have a very happy holiday season, and we’ll see you on January 12!

Source: Playstation Blog

First Details on New Hot Shots Golf, Coming to PS4

Today, Tomoyo Kimura, Assistant ISD Producer for SCEA stopped by the Playstation Blog to talk about their upcoming game.

As you may have heard, we had the latest iteration of the classic Hot Shots Golf franchise on display at PlayStation Experience this past weekend. Visitors were able to check out the game and experience a new mode as well. I’m here to tell you all about the ins and outs of New Hot Shots Golf (working title), coming exclusively to PS4.

As you may know, Hot Shots Golf is one of PlayStation’s oldest franchises and originally debuted in 1997. Over the years, it’s delivered a fun and accessible golfing experience with unique stylized graphics and realistic golf mechanics and physics, to players on all of PlayStation’s home and handheld consoles. With this latest iteration, we are adding to the mix character creation and customization, a robust online experience, and free roaming on the game’s golf courses including the ability to drive golf carts anywhere you want.

In past Hot Shots Golf games, unlocking new golfer characters and building a lineup of athletes with various strengths and weaknesses was key. However in New Hot Shots Golf, players start by creating and dressing their very own golfer, utilizing a deep set of customization tools. By playing and completing specific tasks, players can level up their personalized golfer and build strength for long drives, precise control for putting on the green, and more.

New Hot Shots Golf will include a variety of golf courses set in a variety of environments. And rather than being automatically transported to the tee for each hole, all golf courses will be free roaming, meaning you can walk around, explore, and more anywhere you want. Take a spin in your golf cart, or stop by the pond and try to catch a few fish. And you’ll see other online players going about their business as well.

Aside from just solo play, New Hot Shots Golf will offer a wide variety of connected online gameplay modes on PlayStation Network. You can unlock rewards by completing missions, compete in matches and tournaments, or play cooperatively with others. At PlayStation Experience we showed off a new team-based mode where players try to complete as many holes as possible within an allotted amount of time.

Look for more details about the game right here on the PlayStation.Blog, and happy golfing!

Source: Playstation Blog

Powers Season 2: First Trailer, What’s New and Different

Today, Brian Michael Bendis, Executive Producer of Powers stopped by the Playstation Blog to talk about the second season of Powers.

Hello again, my darling PlayStation nation!

This is Brian Bendis, executive producer of the PlayStation Originals series Powers, and co-creator of the comic book series the show is based on. I was interviewed at PlayStation Experience this weekend where we debuted the first footage from Powers Season 2! And I could not wait to jump on the blog and share it with you. You know, like I promised I would.

Here it is. All the hard work of hundreds of people working their butts off all year.

And for those of you who checked out season one, I think your first reaction may be, “this looks different.” It is. Just like our characters, we’re growing into our powers (bad pun intended) and the show has continued to evolve and grow in a way we are all extremely proud of.

Remi Aubuchon, our dazzling showrunner, led the charge of making some significant hires behind the scenes in the areas of cinematography, costumes, stunts, and production design. They’re an incredible group of artists, as I’m sure you can see from the footage in the clip. In upcoming blog posts, I will be focusing some attention on each of these amazing individuals and what they bring to the world of Powers. But for now, just know that they have helped make this season even bigger and bolder than ever!

For those of you who don’t know, Powers is the first PlayStation Originals scripted series on PlayStation Network. It’s produced by the studio that brought you Breaking Bad and by the people behind the film Straight Outta Compton. Powers tells the story of homicide detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim who work cases specific to the world of superheroes, super villains, and everyone in between, called Powers.
Like my other co-creation, Jessica Jones, that recently made it to the small screen, Powers offers a unique and very adult mash up of crimes and capes.

This season our storyline is focused on the biggest case in Powers’ comic book history: who Killed Retro Girl? The biggest superhero in the Powers world is dead and literally everyone is a suspect.

As we speak the show is filming in Atlanta and every day I smile ear to ear because the show looks so good and the actors are giving everything they have.

Speaking of the actors, we have some familiar faces from season one, some new cast members we’ve already announced, and a few new names you’re hearing about right now for the first time:

  • Sharlto Copley (District 9) is Detective Christian Walker
  • Susan Hayward (Vinyl) is Detective Deena Pilgrim
  • Olesya Rulin (High School Musical) is Calista
  • Michael Madsen (The Hateful Eight) is Supershock
  • Michelle Forbes (The Killing) is Retro Girl
  • Justice Leak (Supergirl) is Detective Kutter
  • Logan Browning (Hit the Floor) is Zora
  • Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) is FBI Special Agent Lange
  • Enrico Colantoni (Veronica Mars) is an ex-Power, Senator Bailey Brown
  • Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation) in a role that hasn’t been revealed yet
  • Timothy Perez (Uncanny X-Men) is FBI Special Agent Slag
  • Dominic Rains (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) is The Lance
  • Matthew Yang King (G.I. Joe: Renegades) is THX
  • Raul Casso (Forever) is Sgt. Martinez

There is still a lot of mystery around some of these characters and you are probably asking yourself who they are or how they’re involved. That’s ok. All will be revealed… in time.

Someone pointed out to me on Twitter, this season looks like the “Ocean’s 11” of genre actors. I think that is insanely cool.
I hope you like what you see because we’ve all been working really hard to bring you an incredible show, and this is just the teeny tiniest taste of everything coming in 2016.

Source: Playstation Blog

Ace Combat 7 - Announcement Trailer

Yesterday, Bandai Namco Entertainment America released an announcement trailer for Ace Combat 7 which will be coming exclusively to PS4 with PlayStation VR features on the way as well.

Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment America's YouTube

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