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New Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Trailer, Uncharted 4 Beta Dates

Today Arne Meyer, Community Strategist for Naughty Dog stopped by the Playstation Blog to show a new trailer for the Nathan Drake Collection and to announce the dates for the Uncharted 4 Beta.

Earlier this week we gave everyone a first look at a section of the remastered Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on our Twitch stream. We played it live from our pre-release copy of the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. But no, we’re not going to stop there. Just about every week up until launch on October 9th, we will pull back the curtain bit by bit on all the new features and upgraded visuals to be found across the three games in the Collection.

Ready for another look? Keeping with the action-packed theme from the Twitch stream, this trailer showcases many of the awesome Uncharted moments; all of which can be experienced in Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

If you missed the end (And you should have watched the whole trailer!), mark your calendars for December 4th through December 13th. Those are the dates the exclusive Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta will be available to everyone with a copy of the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and PlayStation Plus membership. So be sure you pick up a copy to be able to see what’s in store for Uncharted’s newest multiplayer mode, you can now pre-order either the standalone collection or the newly announced PS4 hardware bundle.

We know you are all looking forward to hearing more about what’s new in multiplayer, what’s new with gameplay, and what new modes and maps you can expect. We’re planning a grand reveal that will answer many of your questions about Uncharted 4 multiplayer before the Beta goes live this December.

We have just a few weeks to go until our October 9th launch date. Don’t forget, we’ve got two more Uncharted Moments Twitch streams left to go on September 29th and October 6th. Be sure to vote for your favorite Uncharted moment if you want to see it on the stream! Then you can get your hands on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection early when the much anticipated single-player demo drops on PlayStation Store September 29th.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone post their own #UnchartedMoments directly via the Share button from Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection when it launches on October 9th, 2015.

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Street Fighter V: Introducing Karin and the Capcom Fighters Network

Today Peter Rosas Community Manager for Capcom stopped by the Playstation Blog to announce another character in Street Fighter V and to talk about the Capcom Fighters Network. Here's what he had to say:

Hey everyone! Exciting news coming straight from Tokyo Game Show today! First off, the character that many of you have been waiting for to return to the Street Fighter series is finally back: Karin Kanzuki!

Two years ago, we held a worldwide character popularity poll to find out who the fans liked the most, and Karin came in 7th worldwide (1st when just looking at Japan results), despite having only appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Today, we’re happy to reintroduce her to the series with a brand new design and play style.

Karin is the young heiress to the Kanzuki Zaibatsu, a global financial conglomerate that possesses vast wealth and resources. Her regal and pampered upbringing is what led to her high-maintenance attitude and razor-sharp wit. But behind her flowing golden locks lies a true martial artist obsessed with upholding her family motto, “In all things be victorious!” Karin is well versed in numerous martial arts, which she and her family combined to create a unique “Kanzuki style” of fighting.

Above: Karin in Street Fighter Alpha 3

In Street Fighter V, Karin is a well-rounded character, possessing a wide array of strikes and moves at her disposal for any situation. Utilizing her new dash move allows her to close the distance quickly between her opponents and go in for a quick high-low attack or throw.

And just when the opponent thinks they’ve figured out how to deal with the pressure, Karin’s V-Trigger completely changes up her game plan by allowing her to perform her signature Guren Ken multi-string attacks and variations. Players who enjoy attacking with speed and a large variety of tools will find Karin to be extremely satisfying to utilize.

V-Skill: Meioken

Karin lunges forward with a devastating palm strike that dissipates projectiles and knocks down the opponent if it connects, all while helping to build her V-Trigger gauge. By holding down the buttons, players can charge the move for a split second, giving it better hit and block properties.

V-Trigger: Kanzuki-Ryu Guren No Kata

Karin channels her inner Ki to unlock the true potential of the Kanzuki fighting style, giving her access to the Guren Ken attack, which in itself possesses over half a dozen different follow ups and variations. After the initial Guren Ken, she is able to transition immediately into an overhead attack, a low sweep, a flying throw, another quick set of strikes, or even a backdash to bait out counterattacks. This gives her immense flexibility in controlling the flow of the fight, ensuring that she comes out on top.

Karin is playable at Tokyo Game Show, so be sure to stop by the Capcom booth if you are able to!

And if the return of one of the most popular characters in the series wasn’t enough, we have another big announcement: the Capcom Fighters Network!

* work-in-progress logo

The Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) is a community building tool that will be directly built into the online infrastructure of Street Fighter V.
Here is a list of some of the things that you’ll be able to do in-game via CFN:

  • See where battles are happening all over the world on a “heat map”
  • View player profiles and detailed match statistics
  • Designate “rivals” throughout the world and monitor their performance
  • Register friends and follow your favorite players
  • Search and watch replay files
  • Send online battle invitations
  • Check out the latest patch and tournament news
  • And much more!

We’ll have more concrete details on all the various CFN features at a later date, but just to whet your appetite, here are some work-in-progress screenshots. The main CFN screen shows the “heat map” and will look something like this:

*work-in-progress screen

Each blinking light on the world map represents a pocket of active users that are engaged in online battles. With the heat map, you’ll be able see where all the action is taking place and even be able to drill down to the individual players who are fighting, in order to check out their profile information, past match history, replays, and even send them a fight request.

As Street Fighter V will be at the forefront of our eSports activities upon release, we wanted to make sure that players had access to all the statistical data possible to help analyze their weaknesses and improve their game.

*work-in-progress screen

The game tracks not only online win/loss records, but fine detail stats such as “how many light punches did you land,” “how many throws did you tech,” “in what ways did you win the match,” and much, much more. We are confident that players will appreciate this new knowledge and use it to push themselves to the next level and rise above the competition.

Hope you all enjoyed this double dose of SFV news! Stay tuned for the next announcement because we still have a lot of surprises in store.

Until next time!

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Sound Shapes — 3 Year Anniversary Update

Today Zach Wood, Senior Producer at Sony Santa Monica stopped by the Playstation Blog to talk about the 3 year anniversary of Sound Shapes.

Hey everyone! Sound Shapes just passed its 3rd anniversary and today we’re celebrating our awesome community of players who have continued to blow our minds with creative levels.

First, to everyone that downloaded the game for free during the PS Plus promotion in September, welcome! We hope you enjoy the game, it’s been awesome to see a ton of new creators building cool levels. Fun fact: during the month of September, we averaged 200 new levels per day! Even if you’re not into making levels, there are still a ton of great new levels to play.

We’re celebrating this momentous occasion with six new Milkcrate albums of curated community levels from the creators of the game. Creating Sound Shapes was truly a collaborative effort, and it’s been special to have everyone back to see how the game has evolved since launch.

Needless to say, a few minds were blown!

Jonathan Mak
I Am Robot and Proud
Cory Schmitz
Graphic / UI Designer
Jim Guthrie
Musician / Corporeal
Developer / D-Case Art
Developer / Hello World Art
We hope you enjoy these new albums!

In other good news, we’re having a huge sale this month where all Sound Shapes DLC is 50% off in the month of September, including the Ultimate Bundle (game + all DLC) and Add-On Bundle (all DLC).

We’ve also lowered the price of the core game permanently to $9.99 (previously $14.99) and that is one price for all three platforms (PS4, PS3, PS Vita).

If you’re a Sound Shapes player, thank you for playing and contributing to our great community! And if you haven’t had a chance to pick up the game yet, now is a great time to check it out!

Here are a few tips so you can check out what community is all about:

Greatest Hits

Here you will find some of the best of the community, updated daily based on plays and ‘hearts’ (likes).


These are play lists of community levels, in the form of albums complete with liner notes by guest curators. There are curated albums by The Verge, Ghostly, Gamespot, Baiyon, Santa Monica Studio, developer Queasy Games, and even PlayStation’s own Shuhei Yoshida and Scott Rohde.

Daily Level

A new level is posted here every day with a fresh leaderboard for discovering new content and challenging your friends.

Difficulty Rating

Maybe you’re in the mood for a challenge or maybe you’re just looking for something chill. The difficulty rating helps you know the challenge level before you play. Ratings are continually updated based on plays and deaths.

For updates in the future, please follow @soundshapes and @SonySantaMonica on Twitter.

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Heroes of Loot Coming to PS Vita on September 22nd

Today Tj’ien Twijnstra, Creative Director at Abstraction Games stopped by the Playstation Blog to talk about their upcoming game Heroes of Loot.

Hi everyone, Tj’ièn here from Abstraction Games. I’m really excited to tell you about Heroes of Loot today, a fun little game by Orange Pixel, Dutch indie developer extraordinaire.

Heroes of Loot is a new take on the classic Gauntlet — not the remake, but the classic 80’s version. It’s a dungeon crawler open to all sorts of players, with the deep statistical stuff of roguelikes stripped out and replaced with arcade shooting.

Orange Pixel’s goal was to create something that had the old feeling of the 8-bit classic but was updated with various current design concepts and tricks, including procedurally generated content, random quests, and just a lot of non-serious action.

Another great thing about Heroes of Loot is that the game keeps on giving, even when you reach level 30 or 40 — players will still discover new things and run into monsters that they haven’t seen before.

Heroes of Loot will drop on PS Vita on September 22nd, so just a few more nights before you’ll find yourself in the middle of hordes of ghosts, skulls, cyclops, critters, and much more. Try to survive using quick reflexes, level up to improve your weapon, and — if you have time — complete some quests for extra loot and upgrades.

One last tip: never, ever, rush into a steaming, puffing, fire-spitting Minotaur… run away!

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Extreme Exorcism Arrives September 23rd on PS4, PS3

Today Michael Christatos, President of Golden Ruby Games stopped by the Playstation Blog to talk about their upcoming release Extreme Exorcism. Here's what he had to say:

We here at Golden Ruby Games are beyond excited for the launch of Extreme Exorcism on PS4 and PS3 on September 23rd. More than a year of hard work has gone into this game and we know all you hardcore high score seekers are really going to love it.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Extreme Exorcism stars Mae Barrons, a tiny medium at large, hired to rid a house full of evil spirits. Instead of psychic powers and crystal balls, Mae gets her point across with swords, guns, and kung-fu moves. These spooks are far more troublesome than conventional ghosts too, so we’d like to give you all some hints to help you become the most extreme exorcist you can be!

If you’re playing Arcade mode, which can be played in both single-player and co-operatively with up to 4 players, you’ll drop into the stage with the possessed chair, randomly jumping around. It’s your goal to destroy this repulsive recliner with one of the many weapons throughout the stage. Holding up to three may seem like a blessing, but in Extreme Exorcism, it can be a curse if you’re not careful.

After killing the main foe of each round, a ghost is created the next round, copying all of your moves. The more ammo you dispensed the more you have to deal with. That brings us to the first tip:

  1. Less is More — The less shots you fire the less you need to worry about. That’s not to say it won’t get chaotic. After round 10, things can get confusing for most and your plan of one bullet per ghost can fly out the window. This brings us to tip number two…
  2. Herd and eliminate — Try to group as many ghosts in a part of the map as possible, using more powerful weapons to destroy as many of them as possible. Not only will destroying large groups lessen your stress, it’ll add to your overall score helping to unlock more stages and weapons. But the most important tip is…
  3. Exorcize those ghosts — When the Extreme Exorcism appears on stage, it should be your main focus. It not only completely erases ghosts from the board, it makes you invulnerable for a short period of time.

With those tips at your disposal, you’ll be more than prepared to test your mettle against those ghosts. These tips can also extend to Deathmatch, just to get that extra edge over your friends. Also, make sure to try out different weapon combos for the most efficient ghost killing. My personal favorite is the Knives, Lightning, and Shuriken combo. Each of these directional weapons can get you out of a tight spot fast, which comes in handy as the gameplay becomes more extreme.

You can also choose from close and long range weapons like melee attacks and guns, and you can even strategically plant weapons like mines to take down the most problematic poltergeists. There are more than 20 weapons to choose from in Extreme Exorcism, so try out a few different combinations to find the ultimate weapon set!

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The Witness Launches on PS4 January 26, 2016

Today Jonathan Blow, President of Thekla, Inc stopped by the Playstation Blog to announce the release date to their upcoming game The Witness.

Hi everyone!

We finally know the release date for The Witness: it’s January 26, 2016. That’s about four months from now, and it will be a very busy four months as we work hard to make the game the absolute best we can.

We’ve also got a new trailer, which you can watch here:

We’ll be very happy to get the game out into the world, because we’ve been working on it a long time! We originally thought The Witness would be coming out toward the end of the PS4 launch window, but … there’s just been a lot to do. I think when the game is in your hands, you’ll find it to be intricate and deep, and also unlike anything else you have played.

There’s a lot here. When we started making this game, I figured it would have between 8 and 12 hours of playtime. As it happens, the game we’ve finally built is around 10 times as big as that: if you are a completionist who wants to wring every last drop out of the game, you might expect to play for 80 hours, or possibly 100. For people who don’t want to go quite that far, the game’s still got plenty for you.

Last time I posted to this blog
was in May 2014. In that post, just for fun, I gave some stats about how many assets were in the game (3D meshes, animations, sounds, etc). Today I went back and took new measurements of all these things; here’s what we have:

# of files, May 2014 # of files, Today
Texture Maps: 1196 1606
Meshes: 4588 6224
Sounds: 2435 3117
Animations: 197 247
Entities: 1 1
Lightmaps: 17916 31821
Total files: 38387 57068
As you can see, we have not been idle!

But those numbers will only increase a tiny bit between now and release. For the most part we are fixing bugs, refining the feel of play, and making sure everything is just right for January.

That’s all from me for now — back to working on the game! — but your fine PS.Blog host Justin has been playing the preview version of The Witness and will be sharing his impressions soon.

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Minecraft: Story Mode Begins October 13th on PS4, PS3

Today Laura Perusco, Creative Communications Manager at Telltale Games stopped by the Playstation Blog to announce the release date of Minecraft: Story Mode.

If you visited Telltale at PAX Prime last month, you might have gotten a sneak peek at Minecraft: Story Mode, or at least seen a pretty darn cool booth. No worries if you didn’t make it out to Seattle though, because we can announce today that you’ll be able to get your hands on the season premiere of Minecraft: Story Mode next month! Episode 1 — The Order of the Stone will debut digitally for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on Tuesday, October 13th, and at retail on Tuesday, October 27th.

Each episode will be available to purchase individually via PlayStation Store, or you can pick up the season pass to get access to Episodes 1-5 as they release. The retail edition will ship with the premiere episode on the disc, and will grant access to the subsequent four episodes in the season as they become available to download via online updates. The season will also be coming to PS Vita — stay tuned for more details on exact dates.

As per usual, we’re keeping plenty of exciting details under wraps so you can have the fun of discovering them for yourself. We can give you a little taste of what to expect, though…

In Minecraft: Story Mode, playing as either a male or female hero named Jesse, you’ll embark on a perilous adventure across the Overworld, through the Nether, to the End, and beyond. You and your friends revere the legendary Order of the Stone: Warrior, Redstone Engineer, Griefer, and Architect; slayers of the Ender Dragon. While at EnderCon in hopes of meeting Gabriel the Warrior, Jesse’s friends discover that something is wrong… something dreadful. Terror is unleashed, and you must set out on a quest to find The Order of the Stone if you are to save your world from oblivion.

We’ve been working closely with the people at Mojang to ensure that Minecraft: Story Mode absolutely feels like a part of the world that Minecraft players already know and love, with a cinematic story and trademark Telltale choice-based gameplay. We know how important customization is to the creative minds who play Minecraft, so we’ve paid special attention to implementing that in Minecraft: Story Mode, too. This is the first Telltale game where YOU get to choose the appearance of the player character. Not only do you get to play as either a male or female version of Jesse, you’ll also be able to select from 3 different looks for each.

We’ve also managed to snag some seriously all-star voice talent for the season. Male Jesse is portrayed by Patton Oswalt (you might recognize his voice from Ratatouille and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), while female Jesse is voiced by Catherine Taber (she’s been in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Marvel Heroes). The season will also feature Brian Posehn, Ashley Johnson, Scott Porter, Martha Plimpton, Dave Fennoy, Corey Feldman, Billy West, and Paul Reubens — and there are still more cast details to come! We couldn’t possibly be more excited to be working with such an amazing group of actors.

And one quick note for those looking forward to the season finales of Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones — they are shaping up to be two of our most ambitious finales yet! Look out for more news on those coming out soon.

Thanks for reading, and as ever, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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30-Player, Free-to-Play World of Tanks Coming to PS4

Today TJ Wagner, Project Lead at stopped by the Playstation Blog to announce their F2P game World of Tanks is coming to PS4.

Hello everyone, this is TJ Wagner, Project Lead at, responsible for bringing World of Tanks to consoles. We’re all very excited to be bringing this massively multiplayer, action packed, 30-player tank battle sensation to PlayStation 4. World of Tanks is a Free-to-Play and Free-to Win mega hit that’s easy to pick up and a challenge to master. There are over 350 tanks across 7 nations to choose from and collect. There are 5 different classes of tanks to fit the style of play you like best and always hot heavy metal action to be found.

We’re tuning the experience specifically for PlayStation 4, supporting DualShock 4 controllers, Share Play, PS Vita Remote Play, Live Streaming and more. Best of all World of Tanks is Free-to-Play for all PlayStation Account holders from the get go!

World of Tanks for PlayStation 4 will feature first time ever seen content at launch. You’ll get custom maps, custom tanks, custom skins and more. PS Plus members will have access to even more exclusive content and deals. We are also happy to announce that there will be exclusive Girls und Panzer content and themes at launch.

I’d like to personally invite you to join the World of Tanks community. We value our players and work to bring a constant flow of new content and features every month for you to explore and play with. I can’t wait to see what the PlayStation community brings with their gameplay and ideas. I’d also like to invite you to be part of the Beta in the coming months, helping us to tune and put the finishing touches on initial launch of the game. That will happen before the end of this year and you’ll receive special Beta awards for participating.

Again, I can’t tell you how excited we are to be bringing World of Tanks to a whole new audience. You can sign up for more information on the game and the upcoming Beta and Release of World of Tanks for PlayStation 4 at:

See you on the battlefield!

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Cultivate an Infinite World in Manifold Garden

Today William Chyr, Developer and Designer of Manifold Garden stopped by the Playstation Blog to talk about his upcoming game Manifold Garden formerly known as Relativity.

Hello! William here. I’m an independent game developer based in Chicago.

You might be familiar with my game Relativity – it’s an exploration puzzle game where you can change gravity and walk within a world of impossible geometry. It was part of PlayStation Experience last year, and was also shown during the PlayStation livestream at E3 earlier this year.

I have some big news today. The game now has a new name: Manifold Garden.

The original prototype was based on the M.C. Escher print Relativity and just involved changing gravity to walk on walls. The game is so much more than that now. We’ve added a ton of new mechanics, and the game is now really about exploring architecture and consequences in a world where physics is turned upside down.


In Manifold Garden, the world wraps back on itself in 3D. You can travel in any direction, and you end up back where you started. Going down actually leads you back up.

A lot of the puzzles in the game involve exploring how physics behave in such geometry. What happens when you drop a cube off the edge? You’ll see it come back down from above, and you’ll also see it falling beneath you, at the same time.

In the later levels, we even start to change how the world wraps around. What happens if you staggered each repetition? Or rotated every other instance?


One of the new mechanics we’ve introduced is water. How does water behave in a world that wraps around on itself? Like the cube, when water falls of the edge, it’ll come back down from above, except since it’s a continuous stream, you actually get a waterloop!

In my previous post, I showed the cubes being used to trigger switches and hold up other blocks. The cubes now can be used to “bend” or redirect streams of water.

Not only that, the cubes are actually fruit that grow on trees, and you can even “plant” a cube to turn it into a tree. As you progress throughout the game, you’re cultivating a garden and harvesting cubes.

Photography Mode

A major theme of the game is architecture, and I really want you to be able to experience it and express your creativity with the space.

Once you finish all the puzzles in an area, you’ll unlock photography mode, which will give you access to a variety of cameras and effects, such as axonometric, or “glitch” to play with:


I’m super excited about the new direction that the game is taking. It’s opening a lot more room for player expression, both in puzzle solving and in the visuals.

As part of the name change, here is a collection of 100 beautiful high resolution wallpapers to celebrate.

If you want to stay up to date, check out the website. I also post regularly on Twitter, as well as the game’s devlog. And if you’re interested in game development, I actually stream development every weekday over on my Twitch channel. Drop by and say hi sometime!

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Moon Hunters Launches on PS4 in 2016, Features Old-school Cooking

Today Tanya Short, Creative Director of Kitfox Games stopped by the Playstation Blog to announce their game Moon Hunters is coming to PS4 in 2016.

Hello there! I’m Tanya Short, designer at Kitfox Games. You may remember my original post last year announcing that Moon Hunters would be coming to PS4 and PS Vita. Since then, we’ve grown the game tremendously, adding in two extra player classes, the mountain and river biomes, and most recently the cooking system. We’re on track to launch on PS4 in Spring, 2016.

Today I’m writing because I wanted to tell you about the cooking system, which has been a rare pleasure to develop.

It’s been a full calendar year since we Kickstarted Moon Hunters . At the $75,000 stretch goal, we promised a PS4 version. This improved our community — after we announced our support for PS4, not only did more pledges pour in, but the positivity surrounding the game grew. I don’t know if it’s because there’s something special about indie-loving PS4 players, or maybe everyone just feels more hopeful when there’s console versions in the mix, but I’m grateful for it.

$10,000 later, we promised a cooking system. I always felt cooking would be wonderful, but it would almost certainly have been cut if we hadn’t gotten that extra Kickstarter boost. We’ve mailed out t-shirts, posters, and postcards, answered countless emails, but nothing has given us the satisfaction as making this cooking system!

Cooking in games is deeply nostalgic thanks to classic journeying games like Suikoden II, Tales of Symphonia, and Monster Hunter… but I think cooking nostalgia goes even deeper than that.

Modern chefs use fancy tools and techniques, but even back in ancient Mesopotamia, cooking was essential to Gilgamesh and Enkidu on their travels. It may be the oldest art form, given that the human species evolved around the same time as the use of fire.

The cooking in Moon Hunters is straight-forward. Mix two ingredients together and depending on the result, everyone in the party gets a bonus. Explorers will enjoy finding all the different ways you can find and unlock new ingredients — shopping, dialogue, killing monsters, and so on, with various regional flavors. The most delicious fish are from the river, rare berries grow up in the mountains, the desert village cultivates apricots, etc.

Perhaps due to that ancient urge, despite its simplicity, cooking has been a hit with playtesters! Groups of players cheer and laugh, whether their chef has successfully made Moon Cakes or fumbled into Weird Soup. In fact, they cheered almost as much as defeating a boss.

Yet implementing cooking has felt like an indulgent luxury. As an indie dev, I’m not used to exploring my wish-list features. Combat, lighting, movement… those are needed. Cooking… not technically, no. It’s a rare pleasure to round out a game-world.

So, thank you for this rare and delicious opportunity. Until Spring 2016, please feel free to sign up for our newsletter for important updates.

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