ZeroMan89's Wheel of Fortune PlayStation Trophies

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Ding Ding Ding Ding
Pick a letter that shows up 4 or more times in a puzzle

Inventor of the Wheel
$1,000,000 total winnings

Lucky Letter
Correctly select Q, X, or Z in a puzzle

Puzzle Apprentice
Win 10 games

Puzzle Master
Win 25 games

Road Warrior
Visit all cities in Road Trip mode

Wheel Around the World
Win an online game

Wheel Barrel of Fortune
$100,000 total winnings

Wheel Consistent
Pick 5 letters in a row in one puzzle

Wheel of Fortune 500
$500,000 total winnings

Wheel Spinner
Win a round

Wheel Winner
Win a local game

Wheely Wheely Good
$50,000 winnings in one game