ALLTIME413's Heavy Rain PlayStation Trophies

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All Endings
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Perfect Crime
Clean Manfred's shop of evidence + Let Lauren, Hassan and Kramer die + Kill Madison and Jayden + Origami Killer free

Four Heroes
Complete the story with four characters alive

Find all clues using ARI (Crime scene + Mad Jack + Fish tank) and find the Origami Killer

Saved the Kid
Save Shaun

Trial Master
Succeeded in all Ethan's trials

Lexington Station - Knock down at least 50 passers-by

Baby Master
Suicide Baby - Make no mistakes taking care of the baby

Bad Cop
Shrink and Punches - Do not stop Blake from hitting Dupré

Nathaniel - Shoot Nathaniel

The Lizard - Cut your finger using saw or scissors

Cat & Mouse
Covered Market - Beat Korda in the cold storage

Clever Dad
The Rat - Work out where Shaun is held

Cold as Ice
Killer's Place - Survive the explosion by hiding in the fridge

The Butterfly - Give up or fail the Butterfly Trial

Jayden Blues - Resist Triptocaine

The Butterfly - Complete the Butterfly Trial successfully

Escape Master
On the Loose - Escape the police at the motel

FBI Investigator
Crime Scene - Find all clues related to the Origami Killer in the scene

Fugitive - Manage to escape Blake in the subway station

Gold Finger
The Lizard - Cut your finger using axe, knife or pliers + disinfect or cauterize the wound

Good Cop
Shrink and Punches - Stop Blake from hitting Dupre

Good Driver
The Bear - Complete the Bear Trial successfully

Good Father
Father and Son - Follow the schedule with Shaun and put him to bed in a good mood

Good Friends
The Park - Play two games with Shaun successfully and buy him candy

Goodbye Mad Jack
Mad Jack - Survive the fights against Mad Jack

Got To Remember!
Welcome, Norman! - Remember the time it was at the park and what Shaun was wearing

Hands Up!
Fugitive or On the Loose - Get arrested by Blake

Happy Birthday
Prologue - Complete the drawing + Set the table + Play with kids


I'm a Killer...
The Shark - Kill the Drug Dealer

I'm not a Killer!
The Shark - Do not kill the Drug Dealer

I'm not Scared!
Twins - Follow your brother without making any mistakes

Interactive Drama
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Invincible Scott
Face to Face - Do not get shot in Kramer's villa

The Bear - Take the best route on the highway

Kind Hearted
Face to Face - Give Kramer his medicine

Lover Boy
On the Loose - Forgive Madison

Lucky Locker
Lexington Station - Find the correct locker on first try

Ludwig Von
Jayden Blues - Play the piano without a wrong note

Hassan's Shop - Persuade the Robber to leave

Pride Saved
Sexy Girl - Take off no more than one item of clothing during the strip-tease

Private Eye
Sleazy Place - Lead Lauren to talk about her son

Queen of Ropes
The Doc - Escape before the Doc returns

The Rat - Drink the poison

Self Control
Nathaniel - Do not shoot Nathaniel

Simple Mind
The Old Warehouse - Save the Origami Killer before he falls, with Jayden or Madison

Smart Girl
The Doc - Do not drink the Doc's beverage

So Close...
The Old Warehouse - Reach the end with all characters... and fail

Swimming Instructor
Trapped - Save Lauren underwater

The Chef
Eureka - Prepare a good omelette on time

Tough Guy
Kramer's Party - Defeat Gordi's bodyguards

On the Loose - Do not forgive Madison

Paparazzi - Leave home without being spotted by the journalists

White Knight
Sleazy Place - Beat Troy

Wise Guy
Under Arrest - Switch the camera off in the surveillance room before saving Ethan