Executioner0's Quantum of Solace PlayStation Trophies

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3030 was a double
Eliminate 100 players while in cover across all games.

A licensed troubleshooter
Eliminate 100 players with the Golden Gun in Golden Gun mode.

A measure of comfort
Eliminate 1,000 players across all games played.

A View to a Kill
Complete White's Estate.

Achieved 00 Status
Achieved 00 Status.

Allow me
In Venice, defeat Gettler with one shot.

Any thug can kill
In Casino Royale, reach the spa room without alerting or attacking the guards.

Casino Royale
Complete Montenegro Train, Casino Royale, and Casino Poison.

Chemin de Fer
Unlock and purchase all weapons, grenades, attachments, gadgets, and golden weapons.

Diamonds Are Forever
Hack all locks.

Die Another Day
Escape as Bond in Bond Evasion mode.

Dr. No
Win a round as Bond in Bond Versus mode.

Ejector seat, you're joking?
Unlock and purchase all gadgets.

In Airport, save the Skyfleet servers without breaking stealth.

For England, James?
Earn over 100,000 in credits.

For Your Eyes Only
Disable 10 cameras.

From Russia With Love
Complete Siena, Opera House, and Sink Hole.

Unlock and purchase all golden weapons.

Half-monk, half-hitman
Inside the Science Center, shoot down all the lights in the main hall.

He's coming fast!
In Sink Hole, kill the helicopter pilot while the gunners are still alive.

He's playing his golden harp
Melee the Player with the Golden Gun.

I admire your courage
Earn over 1,000 in credits.

I know where you keep your gun
Unlock and purchase all weapons.

I miss the Cold War
Outside Science Center, defeat each sniper guard with one shot.

I'm the money
In Train, only use the P99 while on the freight train.

I've got a little itch
In Barge, save Vesper in under two minutes.

Licence to Kill
Defeat an enemy with one shot.

Life is full of small challenges
Earn over 10,000 in credits.

Live and Let Die
Takedown 50 enemies.

Collect 30 cell phones.

Complete game on New Recruit.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Complete Science Center Exterior, Interior, and Airport.

Opera isn't for everyone
In Opera House, move through backstage without alerting the guards.

Quantum of Solace
Complete Eco Hotel.

Quite the body count
Unlock and purchase all weapon attachments.

Shaken, not stirred
Win 5 Territory Control online matches.

The best player in the service
Be a top player in an online match.

The Living Daylights
Complete Shantytown and Construction Site.

The Man with the Golden Gun
Defeat 50 enemies with one shot each.

The name is Bond, James Bond
Complete game on 007.

The nature of evil
Eliminate 10 players while blind firing from cover across all games.

The Spy Who Loved Me
Complete Barge and Venice.

The World is Not Enough
Collect all cell phones.

Collect all power weapons.

Time to face gravity
In White’s Estate, open the cellar door with one shot.

Tomorrow Never Dies
Complete game on Field Operative.

We have people everywhere
In Siena, shoot all seven satellite dishes on the rooftops.

Yes. Considerably.
Play 100 online matches.

You just need one shot
In Eco Hotel, kill the driver of the car.

You Only Live Twice
Complete game on Agent.

You've defused hundreds of these
Defuse a bomb in Bond Versus once.