OzPunx's Shaun White Snowboarding PlayStation Trophies

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Platinum Trophy
Shaun White Snowboarding Platinum Trophy

Frequent Flyer
All the challenges on each mountain have been completed.

Town Bicycle
You've played every challenge multiplayer. Way to go!

Incredible! You've beaten Shaun White!

Win the CAPiTA® SlopeStyle

Ice Worm
Played all challenges online in Alaska.

Mardi Gras
Played all challenges online in Park City.

Mecha Shredzilla
You have gained a ridiculous amount of respect while playing online!

Played all challenges online in Europe.

You've earned a ridiculous amount of respect!

Played all challenges online in Japan.

Ultimate Ultimate
You have completed every Ultimate Competition.

You knocked somebody out of the air with a snowball! You jerk!

All Aska
All Alaska challenges completed.

Baron Von C
You've done so much shredding at Park City that everyone adores you. Good job.

Big Run
That was a totally impressive run.

Bizzy Bear
All the animals in Alaska now respect your snow shredding prowess.

Nice! You nailed a bunch of style bonuses in a single jump.

You've ridden a chairlift from bottom to top.

Demon Sings
You rock! Start headbanging..... now! m/ m/

You make a strange looking helicopter when you spin that much.

Dr. Air
You've done an incredibly sick air trick!

Dr. Butter
That was one gnarly ground trick!

Dr. Jib
That was jibbing at its finest. What an impressive score!

Dropping the Science
That was an awesome sequence of big tricks!

Generation 2.0
Thanks for putting a video online. I bet it will totally be the best one on the internet.

Gravity Allergy
That was a lot of hangtime. You must have legs made out of iron.

Everyone in Europe thinks you are pretty awesome now. Way to go!

High Stakes
You sent those other chumps to the poorhouse, and now you're the richest person I know.

It's Only a Game
Wow. You should be dead right now, nice bail.

All Japan challenges have been completed.

Like a Top
You do longer butter spins than I've ever seen!

Living on the Edge
Riding a cliff edge for so long was intense. Maybe not very smart, but very cool.

You've done so many spins on a single rail, it made me sick just watching.

You had the multiplier maxed out for so long I forgot that it changes!

Earn a tonne of respect in Japan.

New Kid on the Block
You've won an event online! Let's hope this victory is the first of many.

You've mastered each Style Bonus!

Slammy McSlammerton
You've won the Triple Slam!

Supa Bounce
You've earned the Big Air focus power.

Supa Flash
You've earned the Speed Boost focus power.

Supa Powa
You've earned the Power Shove focus power.

All Europe quests completed.

The Gambler
That wasn't much of a gamble. You beat those other riders easy!

Touchy Feely
That was so many grabs in a single jump! Are your hands burning?

Trans Flat
That was one loooooooonnnnnggggg butter!

All Park City challenges have been completed.

You've earned a cascade of points from a single avalanche.