ALLTIME413's Aliens vs. Predator PlayStation Trophies

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Not Bad for A Human
Get all the Aliens vs Predator trophies

Real Nasty Habit
Get 18060 XP in Ranked Matches

Alien vs Predator
Create a new species

Extinction Agenda
Destroy the Abomination

Game Over, Man!
Complete all three Campaigns

Get to The Chopper!
Recover Weyland's datapad

Kill 30 enemies with the pistol

Harsh Language
Discover all 67 Audio Diaries

I LOVE the Corps!
Complete Marine Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting

Magnificent, Isn't It?
Complete Alien Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting

One Ugly Mother
Complete Predator Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting

Serial Killer
Win 10 Ranked Matches in any Deathmatch mode

The Six Pack
Play with six friends in a Ranked Match

The Uninfected
Finish a Ranked Infestation match as the only remaining prey

Welcome to The Party
Get 6000 XP in Ranked Matches

...That's A Promise
Get Tequila to surgery

Ain't Got Time to Bleed
Heal or regenerate 30 blocks of health in Survivor

Breaking and Entering
Find a way into the Research Lab

Breaking Quarantine
Escape from the Research Lab

Club Hopper
Survive The 'Party' at The Club

Come to Mama
Liberate the Matriarch

Elite Sniper
Kill 10 enemies with head shots from the scoped rifle

Exit Strategy
Escape from C-Block

Eyes of The Demon
Retrieve the ancient mask

Fallen Comrade
Find the Youngbloods in the Jungle

Fortune and Glory
Find all 45 Predator trophy belts

Grim Reaper
Harvest all available civilians in the Alien Campaign

Grunt Hunt
Wipe out all of the Marines in the Colony

I Admire its Purity
Complete Alien Campaign on Hard difficulty setting

I Like to Keep This Handy
Kill 2 enemies with one shot with the shotgun

It Ain't No Man
Complete Predator Campaign on Hard difficulty setting

It Uses The Jungle
Find a way through Gateway

Killer Instinct
Win your first Ranked Match in standard Deathmatch mode

Let's Rock!
Kill 5 enemies with one burst from the smartgun

Matter of Honor
Discover the Elite Predator's fate

One Big Bug
Defeat the Praetorian

Persecution Complex
Achieve Persecutor status more than once in any Ranked Match

Quite A Specimen
Destroy all 50 Royal Jelly Containers

Retrieve the second artifact

Defeat the Matriarch

Scatter Shot
As a team, kill 20 enemies in under 60 seconds in a Survivor match.

Spin Doctor
Kill two enemies with one throw of the Battle Disc

Stay Frosty
Complete Marine Campaign on Hard difficulty setting

Stick Around
Kill 20 enemies with the Combi Stick

Under Pressure
Solve the riddle of the Ruins

Very Tough Hombre
Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying in a Ranked Match

Welcome to The War
Play and complete your first Ranked Match in standard Deathmatch mode

World of Hurt
Survive trial by combat

You Have My Sympathies
Help Van Zandt