REPUBLICAN1992's Call of Duty Classic PlayStation Trophies

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Dutiful Soldier
Unlock all the other trophies

Complete a mission without taking any damage

Golden Club
Complete a mission using only melee attacks

Get kills using a pistol, rifle, submachine gun, and grenade in a mission without dying

Hard Charger
Complete the game on Hardened difficulty

War Hero
Complete the game on Veteran difficulty

Old Glory
Complete the American Missions

Pea Shooter
Complete a mission using only a pistol and no melee attacks.

Complete a mission without dying or loading a checkpoint.

Union Jack
Complete the British Missions

Complete the game on Regular difficulty

Victory Banner
Complete the Russian Missions

Complete Training, Camp Taccoa

Cold Day in Russia
Complete Volga River, Stalingrad (Day)

Dam the Tallboys
Complete Battleship Tirpitz (Night)

Complete Eder Dam, Germany

Death Tracks
Complete Trainstation (Day)

Complete Strasshoff, Germany

First In - Last Out
Complete St. Mere Eglise - Pathfinder 1

Flag over Reichstag
Finish Berlin

Glorious Liberation
Complete Oder River Town (Day)

High Hopes
Complete Bavarian Alps, Germany

Hot LZ
Complete St. Mere Eglise - Pathfinder 2

Longest Day
Complete St. Mere Eglise, France (Day)

Lorry Escape
Complete Truck Ride to Airfield

Meat Grinder
Complete Red Square, Stalingrad (Day)

Operation Overlord
Complete Normandy, Route N13

Complete Benouville, France (Day)

Ring the Tank
Complete Pavlov’s House (Day)

Rocket's Red Glare
Finish Rocket

Sewer Rats
Complete Stalingrad Sewers (Day)

Steel on Target
Complete Oder River Country (Day)

Tank Breaker
Finish Hurtgen

The People's Battle
Complete Warsaw Railyards (Day)

The Recce
Complete Benouville, France (Night)

The Worker's War
Complete Warsaw, Factory (Day)

Wheels Up
Complete Airfield Escape (Day)

Winters Hero
Complete Brecourt Manor, France (Day)