Isay_Isay's Gunstar Heroes PlayStation Trophies

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Complete The Game
Play through the final scene of Gunstar Heroes.

Golden Silver
Defeat superboss Golden Silver.

Greedy Fly
Defeat Black Fly.

O Brother
Defeat Green.

Bravoo Man
Defeat Bravoo Man in the Ancient Ruins.

Colonel Red
Rescue Yellow by defeating Smash Daisaku.

Crab Attack
Defeat Crab Force in the Underground Mine.

Locked and Loaded
Begin the game with each weapon.

Not Quite Red
Defeat Orange on the Flying Battleship.

OMG 11 Bosses
Complete the Dice Palace and defeat Black Beat Stepper.

Papaya Dance
Defeat Papaya Dance in the Ancient Ruins.

Defeat Pinky Roader in the Ancient Ruins.