trustedbrother80's Mini Ninjas PlayStation Trophies

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Off You Go
Completed basic training

Found Futo
Find Futo

Found Suzume
Find and free Suzume

Found Shun
Find and free Shun

Found Kunoichi
Find and free Kunoichi

Found Tora
Find and free Tora

Lost and Found
Retrieve all five missing ninja

Off the Richter Scale
Defeat Boss Lumbering Fool

Smell You Later
Defeat Boss Windy Pants

Tripped and Fell
Defeat Boss Timid Swimmer

Crash Landing
Defeat Boss Screeching Owl

Restore Balance
Defeat the Evil Samurai Warlord

Animal Friend
Free all caged animals

Tree Hugger
Shake 15 trees

Sage of Philosophy
Reach level cap

Defeat an enemy as a snowball

Smooth Sailing
Flawless Great River Canyon rafting

Little Ninja
Complete game on easy or medium difficulty

Hard Little Ninja
Complete game on hard difficulty

Bow Before Me
Defeat 50 enemies with the bow

Stop! Futo Time!
Use Futo in combat on all levels

Eat My Dust
Travel far in full gallop

Pied Piper
Incite 50 enemies to dance

Defeat 30 spearmen with the spear

Don't Blame it on the Sunshine
Bring sunshine to all the denizens of the graveyard

No Conjurer of Cheap Tricks
Expend 1500 Ki using Kuji magic

Now You See Me ...
Defeat 100 enemies with stealth attack

Big Guy
Defeat a large one

Defeat 10 enemies as the boar

Bear With Me
Defeat 10 enemies as the bear

Silent Assas... Ninja
Complete a level without being seen

Collect one of each ingredient

Collect all Jizo statues

Tengu Friend
Complete all Wandering Tengu quests

Visit all temples