ALLTIME413's Jurassic: The Hunted PlayStation Trophies

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Platinum Trophy
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Hard as Nails
Complete the game on the Hard difficulty

I'm the King
Kill a Tyrannosaurus

Life Finds a Way
Complete the game

Nuck Chorris Rex
Complete the game without dying

These are not the Hammer
Kill 20 dinosaurs using melee attacks

What a Prick
Survive a Spinosaurus attack

Adrenaline Junkie
Kill 25 dinosaurs during Adrenaline Bursts

Kill 50 Raptors with a single shot each

Kill 50 dinosaurs using stationary weapons

Kill a dinosaur using each weapon

Complete any fortification objective without the dinosaurs getting in

Not so Fast
Kill 3 Raptors during a single Adrenaline Burst

Outta Nails
Complete any fortification objective without repairing

Raptor Extinction
Kill 100 Deinonychus

Six Foot Turkey
Kill a Utahraptor

Kill 1 enemy using an exploding mushroom

Allergic Reaction
Killed by thorny plants

Blast in the Past
Kill 20 Dinosaurs with grenades

Chicken Chaser
Kill 50 Velociraptors

Clever Girl
Died in a Raptor Melee sequence

Crispy Critters
Kill 5 Scorpions with the RPG

Death from Below
Kill 1 Pterosaur with a grenade

Die in a Fire
Killed by fire or lava

Killed yourself with an exploding mushroom

Pack Hunting
Kill 3 Raptors with one grenade

Plumber Stomachache
Destroy 50 exploding mushrooms

Preparing for the Future
Repair all broken entrances before unlocking the gate

Scorpion King
Kill 50 Scorpions

Welcome to the Jungle
Kill 50 Deinonychus

Who Needs a Bug Zapper?
Kill 50 Pterosaurs in Rise Above

Kill 1 dinosaur during an Adrenaline Burst