Javro_07's Military Madness: Nectaris PlayStation Trophies

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Military Master
Complete the advanced campaign.

Long Haul
Attain player level 50.

Saved the World
Complete the classic campaign.

Too Easy
Win a Scoreboard Match without selecting any Commander Customization.

Win a Scoreboard Match by capturing an enemy base.

Battle of the Bears
In the campaign, destroy a squad of POLARS with a squad of GRIZZLYS or vise-versa.

In a Scoreboard Match, destroy an 8-troop strong unit in a single attack.

In Command
Attain player level 30, unlocking all Commander Customization for Scoreboard Matches.

Mule Be Sorry
In the campaign, destroy a loaded MULE squad.

Search and Destroy
Win a Scoreboard Match by destroying all enemy squads or by your opponent surrendering.

Snack Time
In the campaign, destroy a squad of RABBITS with a squad of LYNX.

Top Gun
In the campaign, get a squad of EAGLES, FALCONS, or HUNTERS to Rank 8.