Hermosa-Lobo's Infamous PlayStation Trophies

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inFamous Platinum Trophy
Collect all other inFamous trophies.

Hard Finish
Finish story mode on Hard, without changing the difficulty setting.

Civic Leader
Take over all territory in the Warren.

Clean Up Your Act
Defeat Sasha.

Community Organizer
Take over all territory in the Neon District.

Evil Finish
Beat the game while Infamous.

Evil to the Core
Purchase every negative Karma upgrade for each power.

Good Finish
Beat the game as a Hero.

Goody Two Shoes
Reach full positive Karma.

Stunt Master
Complete all of the stunts on the stunt list.

True Hero
Purchase every positive Karma upgrade for each power.

Truly Infamous
Reach full negative Karma.

Urban Designer
Take over all territory in the Historic District.

Drain 750 megawatts of power from Empire City.

Back With Trish
Reconciled with Trish.

Casey Jones
Take down 25 enemies while riding on a moving train.

Confirmed Bachelor
Trish Hates You.

Doctor Cole
Heal 250 pedestrians.

Drop Everything
Thunder Drop for a total distance of at least 500 meters.

Electric Hobo
Ride the train for 2 kilometers.

Evil Eats
Bad guys never share their food.

Evil Exposure
Bad guys love to be seen.

Evil Intentions
Bad guys can't say goodbye.

Evil Riot
Bad guys love starting riots.

Evil Sphere
Bad guys always want more power.

Evil Train
Bad guys make it clear who the boss is.

Fish in a Barrel
Kill 50 enemies by using water.

Frequent Flyer
Travel 5 kilometers using Static Thrusters.

Further Down the Rabbit Hole
Collect all Dead Drops in the Warren.

Get Off My Cloud
Get 100 High Fall take downs.

Good Eats
Good guys feed the needy.

Good Exposure
Good guys are heroes to others.

Good Intentions
Good guys work for the greater good.

Good Riot
Good guys stand up and take the heat.

Good Sphere
Good guys put a stop to the madness.

Good Train
Good guys proactively facilitate transportation solutions.

Travel 25 kilometers while riding the rails.

Junior Geologist
Find 25% of the Shards.

Just Scratched the Surface
Collect all Dead Drops in the Neon District.

Member of the Mineral Club
Find 50% of the Shards.

Oh, You've Done This Before
Take down 50 enemies by sticking them with a grenade.

Red Baron
Take down 100 enemies while they are airborne.

Road Kill
Take down 25 enemies while riding on the roof of a moving vehicle.

Find 100% of the Shards.

Stunt Coordinator
Complete 10 of the stunts on the stunt list.

Stunt Man
Complete any one stunt from the stunt list.

Taking Out The Trash
Defeat Alden.

The Hunger
Bio Leech 100 enemies.

True Potential
Purchase every upgrade for a single power.

You're so Sly
Collect all Dead Drops in the Historic District.