leavingnoname's Rogue Warrior PlayStation Trophies

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Are These Guys For Real?
Kill 50 Spetznaz. (Single Player)

Destroy 10 vehicles. (Single Player)

Come Get Some
Kill 5 enemies with a shotgun without reloading or changing weapons. (Single Player)

Perform 5 finishing moves. (Single Player)

Decorated Veteran
Play 50 games online. (Multiplayer)

Demo Dick
Complete the game on Elites difficulty.

Dick Would Be Proud
Complete a mission without dying. (Single Player)

Double Tap
Complete an entire level using only the pistol. (Single Player)

Complete DOY.

Frag Out!
Kill 20 enemies using grenades. (Single Player)

Fresh off the boat
Play online once. (Multiplayer)

Friendship is for suckers ...
Kill someone on your friends list. (Multiplayer)

From Beyond The Grave
An enemy dies from your grenade … after you have been killed. (Multiplayer)

Complete FUBAR.

Gang Bang
Kill a group of four enemies with a grenade. (Single Player)

Getting Your Gun Off
Kill at least one enemy with every weapon in the game. (Single Player)

Complete GNBN.

Guns Don't Kill People, SEALs Do
Kill 30 enemies using sniper rifles. (Single Player)

Health and Safety
Blow up 20 fire extinguishers. (Single Player)

Host a custom game to completion. (Multiplayer)

Complete HUMINT.

Kill 20 enemies using explosive objects. (Single Player)

Complete KATN.

Keep your friends close ...
Perform a kill move on a friend. (Multiplayer)

Complete KISS.

Legion of merit
Finish each map in 1st place. (Multiplayer)

Migraine Breaker
Kill 50 enemies with head shots. (Single Player)

Military Budget
Kill 5 enemies with an assault rifle without reloading or changing weapons. (Single Player)

Never Knew What Hit Them
Kill 50 unalerted enemies. (Single Player)

Perform 3 kill moves in a row. (Single Player)

Not the face
Smash an enemy's face into a wall. (Single Player)

Now THIS is a Knife
Kill 30 enemies using kill moves. (Single Player)

One Man Army
Kill 200 enemies. (Multiplayer)

Over the top
Throw an enemy over a ledge. (Single Player)

Complete PFDL.

Earn this by collecting all the other trophies.

Place first in a Ranked Team Deathmatch. (Multiplayer)

SEAL Team Six
Play a Team Deathmatch to completion with at least 3 friends on your team. (Multiplayer)

Shark Man of the Delta
Complete the game on Regulars difficulty.

Smack The Rogue
Come first in 10 ranked Deathmatch games. (Multiplayer)

Complete SNAFU.

Spec Warrior
Kill 3 people in a row online. (Multiplayer)

Special Warfare Group One
Be on the winning team for 10 TDM games. (Multiplayer)

Suppressing Fire
Kill 20 enemies using blindfire. (Single Player)

The Geek
Complete the game on Recruits difficulty.

Place first in a Ranked Deathmatch game. (Multiplayer)