BigRon3400's Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao PlayStation Trophies

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Determination of the Ox
Defeat 5000 enemies

Discipline of the Rat
Perform 50 finishing moves

Heavenly Trophy
Kill 200 Stone Warriors in 1 game

Nobleness of the Dragon
Complete Story Mode

Blood Trophy
Unleash Hyperstate while at less than 5 percent health

Inquisitiveness of the Monkey
Complete the Old House

Lightning Trophy
Complete the Waterfall level without getting hit by a single fan

Loyalty of the Dog
Complete a Co-op level

Night Trophy
Have 10 vampires active at once

Patience of the Pig
Defeat every enemy type

Righteousness of the Ram
Get a Time Trial gold

Stubbornness of the Horse
Survive 10 minutes of Endurance Mode

Thoroughness of the Rabbit
Throw 30 barrels

Water Trophy
Use meditation 100 times

Wisdom of the Snake
Use a Smart Bomb