Moonshiner1820's Dark Void PlayStation Trophies

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99 Red Balloons
99 Red Balloons - Kill 10 enemies while they are in anti-gravity bubble

Survivor Missions: Complete the Abyss Canyon mission with 1 million points

Survivor Missions: Complete any Survivor Mission

Bird of Prey
Bird of Prey - Kill 25 ground enemies using your rocket pack guns

Blind Luck
Blind Luck - Kill one of each enemy footsoldier using blind fire

Blood Bath
Survivor Missions: Rack up a killing spree bonus of 33x

Blue Light Special
Blue Light Special - Kill 3 enemies with one grenade

Bookworm - Found all journals

Breaking Camp
Complete Breaking Camp

Survivor Missions: Complete a wave in a Survivor Mission without taking damage

Captain of the Ship
Captain of the Ship - Destroy 10 enemy aircraft while yours is on fire

Cleanup on Aisle Three
Cleanup on Aisle Three - Kill 100 enemies with headshots

Cliffhanger Killer
Cliffhanger Killer - Kill 50 enemies while in vertical cover

Crash Site
Complete Crash Site

Dark Void
Complete Dark Void

Dark Void 100% Complete
Earn all trophies

Dear Diary
Dear Diary - Found a journal

Death from Above
Death from above - Kill 50 enemies while in hover

Defending the Ark
Complete Defending the Ark

Demolition Derby
Demolition Derby - Collide with another UFO 10 times

Epic Hero
Survivor Missions: Complete the Battle of Ghen Crag mission with 4.4 million points

Fireworks - Kill 10 enemies by exploding a piece of dynamite in the air

Float Like a Butterfly
Float Like a Butterfly - Kill 10 attackers immediately after escaping from their melee

Forgot My Tow Cable
Forgot My Tow Cable - Fly through an Archon's legs

Freedom Fighter
Survivor Missions: Complete a wave in any Survivor Mission

Get Your Feet Wet
Get Your Feet Wet - Buzz the water

Grand Theft...UFO?
Grand Theft...UFO? - Hijacked 20 UFOs

Grease Monkey
Grease Monkey - Upgraded all weapons

Survivor Missions: Complete the Battle of Ghen Crag mission with 980,000 points

I'm a Rocketman, Baby
I'm a Rocketman, Baby - Perform 100 special maneuvers while using the rocket pack

Into the Void
Complete Into the Void

Killing Spree
Killing Spree - Kill 10 enemies within 60 seconds

Light Up the Sky
Light Up the Sky - Destroy 25 targets with the Ark's AA guns

Mark of the Adept
Mark of the Adept - Kill 5 UFOs in the Prologue

Master of Arms
Master of Arms - Kill an enemy with every weapon

Pack Rat
Pack Rat - Acquired 30,000 tech points

Prison Escape
Complete Prison Escape

Complete Prologue

Prophesied One
Complete Prophesied One

Rochambeau, I Go First
Rochambeau, I Go First - Kill 50 enemies with melee attacks

Rocket Clothesline
Rocket Clothesline - Perform a melee right after turning off rocket pack thrusters

Spare Parts
Complete Spare Parts

Survivor Missions: Complete any Survivor Mission in under 35 minutes

Spirit of Tesla
Survivor Missions: Upgrade a weapon to stage 3 in a Survivor Mission

Terminal Velocity
Terminal Velocity - Free fall for 10 seconds

Tesla's Apprentice
Tesla's Apprentice - Upgraded first weapon

The Big Bang
The Big Bang - Destroy a Knight using a grenade

The Collector
Complete The Collector

The Devastator
The Devastator - Destroy 25 UFOs while piloting a Survivor fighter

The Revolt
Complete The Revolt

The Squishy Center
The Squishy Center - Kill a Sarpa piloting an Archon

The Survivors
Complete The Survivors

The Village
Complete The Village

Those Aren't Fortune Cookies
Those Aren't Fortune Cookies - Step on 10 slugs

Top Ace
Survivor Missions: Complete the Abyss Canyon mission with 4.5 million points

Tower of Return
Complete Tower of Return

Ultimate Bad Ass
Ultimate Bad Ass - Complete Dark Void on Hardcore

Village Attack
Complete Village Attack