Isay_Isay's Shatter PlayStation Trophies

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Balls Galore
Launch multiple balls into play.

Storm Warning
Trigger a Shard Storm.

Kinetic Harvest
Complete World 1 in Story Mode

Complete World 2 in Story Mode

Granule Extractor
Complete World 3 in Story Mode

Krypton Garden
Complete World 4 in Story Mode

Complete World 5 in Story Mode

Amethyst Caverns
Complete World 6 in Story Mode

Neon Mines
Complete World 7 in Story Mode

Argon Refinery
Complete World 8 in Story Mode

Xenon Homeworld
Complete World 9 in Story Mode

The End of the World
Complete World 10 in Story Mode

Destroy the last brick with a fresh Shard Storm.

Collect 95% of all fragments on any wave.

Old School
Complete a wave without using Blow, Suck, or a Shard Storm.

Master Batter
Complete the entire game in a single game session without using a continue.

The Boss
Defeat Boss Rush Mode in Under 10 Minutes

Fringe Benefit
Get a score of 10,000,000 in Bonus Mode