Winter Sports 2010: The Great Tournament PlayStation Trophy List

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Platinum Trophy
Win all Winter Sports 2010 Trophies

49Games Cup
Win the 49Games Cup.

Snowboard Boss 2
Win the Snowboard Boss 2 Challenge.

Biathlon Boss 1
Win the Biathlon Boss 1 Challenge.

Bobsled Boss 2
Win the Bobsled Boss 2 Challenge.

Downhill Boss 1
Win the Downhill Boss 1 Challenge.

Downhill Boss 2
Win the Downhill Boss 2 Challenge.

Freeride Boss 1
Win the Freeride Boss 1 Challenge.

Freeride Boss 2
Win the Freeride Boss 2 Challenge.

Freeride Jet 2
Win the Freeride Jet 2 Challenge.

Go for Gold Cup
Win the Go for Gold Cup.

Newschool Cup
Win the New School Cup.

Oldschool Cup
Win the Old School Cup.

Snowboard Bone Breaker 1
Win the Snowboard Bone Breaker 1 Challenge.

Snowboard Boss 1
Win the Snowboard Boss 1 Challenge.

Biathlon Bone Breaker 2
Win the Biathlon Bone Breaker 2 Challenge.

Biathlon Boss 2
Win the Biathlon Boss 2 Challenge.

Biathlon Gold Rush 2
Win the Biathlon Gold Rush 2 Challenge.

Biathlon Jet 1
Win the Biathlon Jet 1 Challenge.

Bobsled Bone Breaker 2
Win the Bobsled Bone Breaker 2 Challenge.

Bobsled Boss 1
Win the Bobsled Boss 1 Challenge.

Bobsled Gold Rush 2
Win the Bobsled Gold Rush 2 Challenge.

Bobsled Jet 1
Win the Bobsled Jet 1 Challenge.

Bobsled Jet 2
Win the Bobsled Jet 2 Challenge.

Destiny Cup
Win the Destiny Cup.

Downhill Bone Breaker 2
Win the Downhill Bone Breaker 2 Challenge.

Downhill Jet 1
Win the Downhill Jet 1 Challenge.

Downhill Jet 2
Win the Downhill Jet 2 Challenge.

Fab 4 Cup
Win the Fab 4 Cup.

First Big Time Cup
Win the First Big Time Cup.

Five To Stay Alive Cup
Win the Five to Stay Alive Cup.

Freeride Bone Breaker 2
Win the Freeride Bone Breaker 2 Challenge.

Freeride Gold Rush 1
Win the Freeride Gold Rush 1 Challenge.

Freeride Gold Rush 2
Win the Freeride Gold Rush 2 Challenge.

Freeride Jet 1
Win the Freeride Jet 1 Challenge.

Freeride Trickser 2
Win the Freeride Trickser 2 Challenge.

Lord Ice Cup
Win the Lord Ice Cup.

Night Move Cup
Win the Night Move Cup.

Night of Five Cup
Win the Night of Five Cup.

Race Cup
Win the Race Cup.

Rookie Cup
Win the Rookie Cup.

Ski or Die Cup
Win the Ski or Die Cup.

Snowboard Bone Breaker 2
Win the Snowboard Bone Breaker 2 Challenge.

Snowboard Gold Rush 2
Win the Snowboard Gold Rush 2 Challenge.

Snowboard Jet 2
Win the Snowboard Jet 2 Challenge.

Snowboard Trickser 2
Win the Snowboard Trickser 2 Challenge.

Sophomores Best Cup
Win the Sophomores Best Cup.

Tube Cup
Win the Tube Cup.