ichigothesoulrea's Transformers: War for Cybertron PlayStation Trophies

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Vector Sigma Victory
Unlock All Trophies.

Heavy Metal War
Complete the 15th wave in Escalation mode.

Autobot Commander
Autobot Campaign Complete (Medium).

Autobot Prime
Autobot Campaign Complete (Hard).

Decepticon Seeker
Decepticon Campaign Complete (Medium).

Decepticon Warlord
Decepticon Campaign Complete (Hard).

Grimlock, Smash!
Destroy all hidden Decepticon symbols in the Autobot Campaign.

Only the Strong Survive
Reach a combined class level of 75 in Multiplayer.

Prime Directive
Unlock Prime Mode.

Scavenger Would Be Proud!
Destroy all hidden Autobot symbols in the Decepticon Campaign.

The Kup's Half Full
Reach a combined class level of 50 in Multiplayer.

Till All Are One
Complete both Campaigns (Any Difficulty).

Top of the Scrap Heap
Reach a combined class level of 100 in Multiplayer.

Wait! I Still Function!
Get 3 kills while downed in a Co-Op Campaign or Escalation mode.

A Prime Problem
Complete Defend Iacon on any difficulty.

Action Master
Get 10 kills using detached turrets in any mode.

Autobot Recruit
Autobot Campaign Complete (Easy).

Beak Breaker
Shoot the 3 Hidden Laserbeaks throughout Kaon Prison Break.

Destroy 100 Spiders in Campaign or Escalation.

Ignite a Brute's back 5 times in Campaign or Escalation.

Chaos Bringer
Destroy the planets in the Stellar Galleries in Iacon Destroyed.

Dark Awakening
Complete Dark Energon on any difficulty.

Decepticon Grunt
Decepticon Campaign Complete (Easy).

Destroy all cover in the arena in The Final Guardian.

Fire in the Sky
Melee-kill a Jet Vehicle in the air in Campaign or Escalation.

First We Crack the Shell...
Get smashed by Trypticon's hand as he falls into the energon goo in One Shall Stand.

Footloose and Fancy Free
Destroy a Jet Soldier's foot thruster 5 times in Campaign or Escalation.

Friends to the End
Finish any level in Co-Op.

More Than Meets the Eye
Earn a 1st Place MVP award in any Multiplayer mode.

Race across the Chasm Bridge in 33 seconds in Death of Hope.

Paging Ratchet
Revive 5 Autobot soldiers in Defend Iacon.

Powerglide Performer
Fly through the coolant tunnels in 23 seconds in Aerial Assault.

Spend 25,000 Power in Escalation mode.

Ram-kill against an enemy who is stunned by an EMP grenade in Campaign or Multiplayer.

Save the Slug before it is executed in To the Core.

Spike's BFF
Reach level 25 in any single class in Multiplayer.

Starscream's Brigade
Complete Fuel of War on any difficulty.

Kill 2 Snipers in 5 seconds in Campaign.

That's No Mirage
Headshot a Cloaker when it is invisible in Campaign or Escalation.

The Fall of Iacon
Complete Iacon Destroyed on any difficulty.

The Harder They Fall
Complete One Shall Stand on any difficulty.

The Last Prime
Complete Kaon Prison Break on any difficulty.

The Secret of Omega Supreme
Complete Death of Hope on any difficulty.

The War Within
Complete Aerial Assault on any difficulty.

There Are Parts Everywhere
Multi-Kill 3 car soldiers at once using an explosive weapon in Campaign or Escalation.

Thief in the Night
Find and disable all security trip-wire switches in Fuel of War.

Unlikely Allies
Finish any level in Competitive Co-Op.

Victory is Mine
Complete The Final Guardian on any difficulty.

You Got Spark, Kid
Reach level 5 in any single class in Multiplayer.

You Got the Touch
Complete To the Core on any difficulty.

Your Lucky Day
Kill all but 1 of the neutral prisoners in Dark Energon.