buzzman102's After Burner Climax PlayStation Trophies

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50 Combo
Got a combo of 50 in Arcade mode.

Across enemy lines
Cleared Stage 10 in Arcade mode.

All Clear!
Cleared Arcade mode with ending A.

Climax Mode
Activated Climax Mode in Arcade mode.

Emergency Order
Cleared an Emergency Order in Arcade mode.

Rank In
Uploaded a Score Attack score to rankings.

Performed a roll in Arcade mode.

Stealth bomber
Cleared Stage 5 in Arcade mode.

Strike Eagle
Cleared Arcade mode with the F-15E.

Super Hornet
Cleared Arcade mode with the F/A-18E.

Super Tomcat
Cleared Arcade mode with the F-14D.

Triple A
Got a AAA ranking in Arcade mode (for Shot Down, Combo, or Play Time).