Essa1423's Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole PlayStation Trophies

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Collect All Trophies
Every trophy has been collected

A Bird in the Hand
Upgrade your owl with any Battleset

Defeat an enemy in a mission

Feeling Shattered
Break an enemy’s armor

Top Speed
Reach maximum speed in a mission

That Was Close!
Narrowly avoid colliding with an enemy in a mission

Do a Barrel Roll!
Do a barrel roll in a mission

Team Attack
Use the Team Attack Combo to help out a wingman in trouble

Upgrade Your Flight
Unlock a new combat attack

Make some noise
Hoot 108 times

Tyto is Righto
Complete the Forest Kingdom of Tyto Missions

Kuneer or Kufaar
Complete the Desert of Kuneer Missions

Defeat the Hagsfiend Queen
Complete the Glauxian Brothers Retreat Missions

Owls of Derisive Laughter
Complete Race to the Retreat in 4 minutes or less

O Rly?
Replay a mission

That's Got to Hurt
Successfully perform the Fall From Grace

Ready For Battle
Complete the Tutorial Missions

C-C-Combo Breaker
Perform a chain attack on a single enemy in a mission

Counter Culture
Successfully counter attack an enemy in a mission

Take That, You Fiend
Hit an enemy with the Corkscrew in a mission

Great Shot
Hit an enemy with a flaming coal

The Journey
Fly 100 Kilometers

Silver Lining
Get all Silver medals

Light 'em up
Complete Lighting the Way without a torch going out too early

Make a Splash
Throw an enemy into the water

Fly Safe
Complete An Ally in the Sand without touching a twister

Use the corkscrew on 20 enemies

Gliding with Style
Complete a mission without losing your armor

Vanquish The Evil
Complete the game

Seven In One Blow
Defeat seven enemies without being hit in a mission

No Flies On Shard
Complete all objectives in a mission successfully without dying

Fashionable Owl
Wear 4 different Battlesets in missions

Free Flight
Explore all five environments in the Bonus Missions for a short time

Dodge 'ems
Complete Pure Retaliation without being hit by a turret

Love The Smell
Bomb 20 Turrets

Boss Rush
Defeat any boss without being defeated

Put the Win in Wingman
Use your Wingmen 20 times

Passive Aggressive
Complete a mission using just wingmen

Lucky Number
Achieve a 15 hit chain in a mission

No Witnesses
Defeat every enemy in a story mission

As the Crow Flies
Defeat 20 Crows

New Game +
Continue playing after completing the game

See a Penny
Collect 4200 Shinies

Max Power
Equip a top quality Battleset

Fly like the Wind
Use 50 Wind Currents

Art Appreciation
Collect all the artwork

Gold, Shard, Gold!
Get a Gold ranking in all story missions

Bonus Gold
Get a Gold ranking in all bonus missions

Boy Are My Arms Tired
Fly more than 200 Kilometres

Birds of a Different Feather
Complete the game as all Four Characters

Sold Out
Buy all the Battlesets