Nawaf_gm's Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce PlayStation Trophies

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Dynasty Warrior
Gained all Trophies.

Minnow K.O.
Defeated first rank and file soldier.

Weaponry K.O.
Defeated first Weaponry.

Officer K.O.
Defeated first Officer.

Budding General
Issued first command to Allied Officer.

Budding Strategist
Used first Card Tactic.

Victory Toast
Completed first Quest.

Blacksmith Patron 1
Made first weapon.

Blacksmith Patron 2
Powered up first weapon.

Academy Disciple
Acquired first Chi Skill.

Workshop Patron
Made first Orb.

Online Venture
Connected to Online City for the first time.

Victory Banquet
Completed first online Quest.

Mutual Exchange
Traded Officer with another player for the first time.

Heretics Suppressed
Completed Chapter 1 in any Story.

Traitor Crushed
Completed Chapter 2 in any Story.

Tyranny Sealed
Completed Chapter 3 in any Story.

Three Kingdoms Established
Completed Chapter 4 in any Story.

Three Kingdoms United - Wei
Completed Wei's Story.

Three Kingdoms United - Wu
Completed Wu's Story.

Three Kingdoms United - Shu
Completed Shu's Story.

Tyranny Vanquished
Completed Chapter 6 in any Story.

Invincible General
Completed all Quests.

Weapon Collector
Collected all Weapons.

Chi Collector
Collected all Chi Skills.

Orb Collector
Collected all Orbs.

Card Collector
Collected all Officer Cards.

Treasure Collector
Collected all Treasures.

Legend Collector
Collected all Legends.

Grand Developer
Upgraded all City Facilities to maximum.

Grand Strategist
Used all Card Tactics.

Grand General
Reached Level 50.