zenovka's PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap PlayStation Trophies

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Untouchable +
Sunday Drivers: Get gold with NO crashes, on any course.

Bronzed Beauty
Collect ten bronze cups (or higher) in Solo Tournament.

Pass thirty cars without colliding in Hot Rods

Fireball Frenzy: Destroy 10 cars in a single fireball, at the Snow Spiral

Win Combo Racers without touching the throttle after the first lap, at Redwood Lakes.

Ghost Rider
Race against 100 ghosts in Ghost Attack.

Golden Glory
Collect twenty or more gold cups in Solo Tournament.

Learner Driver
Combo Racers: Pass ten cars without colliding, on the Oval Express.

Monkey Magic
Use whatever tricks you can to achieve a Speed Monkey combo of 120 or more!

Oh, I get it!
Absorb 25 cars without crashing in Bipolar or Bust.

Silver Streak
Collect fifteen silver cups (or higher) in Solo Tournament.

The Munchies: Keep yourself alive for over ninety seconds at the Desert Speedway.

Speed Limit
Clear In The Zone with a gold medal, without going faster than 70!

Total Destruction
Death Race: wipe out every last car on The Knot.

Tournament Titan
Complete Solo Tournament Mode

Hot Rods: Get gold with NO crashes, on the Split Courseway