Roughdawg4's Little League World Series Baseball 2010 PlayStation Trophies

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Little League Trophy Champ
Earned all trophies.

Rookie Pitcher
Completed all the pitching training.

Rookie Hitter
Completed all the batting training.

Rookie Fielder
Completed all the fielding training.

Rookie Base Runner
Completed all the base-running training.

Rookie Card Holder
Completed the card training.

Rookie Talent
Completed all the Talent training.

You're No Longer A Rookie!
Completed all the training.

Highlight Player
Caught the ball 12 times with a diving or jumping catch.

Great Glove
Fielded 30 error-free ground balls.

I Got It, I Got It!
Caught 100 fly balls.

All-Star Defense
Fielders completed 100 outs not including strikeouts.

Run Scorer
Scored 60 runs.

Team Player
Successfully executed 15 sacrifice hits.

Doubles Master
Successfully hit 30 doubles.

Power Slugger
Successfully hit 50 home runs.

Power Pitcher
Struck out 60 batters.

Walk Off Winner
Won 5 walk-off games in your final at bat.

All-Star Talents
Used Talents 20 times.

Perfect Control
Achieved the high score in Pitching Darts with a Challenge rule.

Pro Bowler
Achieved the high score in Pitching Bowling in a 10 frame game.

Dugout Dunker Pro
Achieved the high score in Dunk Dugout with 5 turns.

King Of Home Runs
Achieved the high score in Home Run Tourney with 20 balls.

Bat Control
Achieved the high score in Batting Frenzy using the 5 x 5 rule.

Around The Horn Memory Control
Achieved the high score in Around the Horn using the 2 miss rule.

Card Collector
Collected 27 cards.

Card Enthusiast
Collected 38 cards.

Master Of Cards
Collected all 54 cards.

Struck out 3 batters in a row in a tournament game.

Grand Slam
Successfully hit a base-loaded home run in a tournament game.

Hit For The Cycle
Successfully hit a single, double, triple, and a home run as a team in a tournament game.

Triple Crown
Led the league in batting average, home runs, and RBI's.

Shut Out
Won a game by shutout in a tournament.

No Hitter
Won a tournament game with a no hitter.

Perfect Game
Won a tournament game with no hits, walks, or errors.

Dr. K
Recorded 70 strikeouts in a tournament series.

Everyone Hits!
All the team members achieved base hits in the same game in a tournament.

All-Around Team Hitters
Achieved 190 base hits in a tournament series.

Scoring Frenzy
Achieved 170 runs in a tournament series.

ERA Leader
Got an earned run average of 2.3 or less in a tournament series.

US Bracket Winner
Won the US tournament bracket.

International Bracket Winner
Won the international tournament bracket.

World Series Champion
Won the World Series.