ZeroMan89's The Price is Right PlayStation Trophies

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First win!
Win a pricing game.

Party animal!
Play a Party game.

Showcase must go on!
Win a Showcase.

End a show with no strike.

Double Showcase!
Win a double Showcase.

Money Maker!
$50,000 total winnings in one show.

Suit up!
Create a complete custom character.

Second round!
Complete 2 shows in a row.

Big spin!
Score $1 in one spin at the Showcase Showdown.

Get a price exactly right.

Bid sniper!
Win 20 games of Contestants’ row.

On the ball!
Put the ball in the hole from the furthest position.

In the plink!
Drop the chip and land on the $10,000 slot.

Price Master!
$200,000 total winnings.