albert_cela5's The Price is Right PlayStation Trophies

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Bid sniper!
Win 20 games of Contestants’ row.

Big spin!
Score $1 in one spin at the Showcase Showdown.

In the plink!
Drop the chip and land on the $10,000 slot.

Get a price exactly right.

On the ball!
Put the ball in the hole from the furthest position.

Price Master!
$200,000 total winnings.

Second round!
Complete 2 shows in a row.

Double Showcase!
Win a double Showcase.

First win!
Win a pricing game.

Money Maker!
$50,000 total winnings in one show.

Party animal!
Play a Party game.

End a show with no strike.

Showcase must go on!
Win a Showcase.

Suit up!
Create a complete custom character.