rnrism1111's Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet PlayStation Trophies

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Earned all trophies.

Best laid plans
Escaped from the Helicarrier.

Flawless Victory
Fought flawlessly through one wave of Trials of Thanos.

Fragment Collector
Collected all Stone Fragments.

Squad Hero
Completed Story Mode on Challenging Difficulty.

Super Achiever!
Completed all Heroic Feats!

Big Red
Completed all of Red Skull’s Heroic Feats.

Completed all of Captain America’s Heroic Feats.

Challenge Master
Completed each challenge at least once.

Doom's Domination
Completed all of Dr. Dooms’ Heroic Feats.

Mad Titan
Completed all of Thanos’ Heroic Feats.

Not just a side kick
Completed all of Bucky’s Heroic Feats.

Squad Member
Completed Story Mode on Normal Difficulty.

Stinky’s Masterpiece
Completed all of Abomination’s Heroic Feats.

Super Revive Hero
Revived a teammate 10 times.

Take that, Villain!
Defeated an enemy with a parry.

Clearly Forceful
Completed all of Invisible Woman's Heroic Feats.

Deadly Darling
Completed all of Black Widow's Heroic Feats.

Reflected an enemies attack back at them.

Elite Hack Master
Completed every hack challenge.

Fear the might of Doom!
Defeated 50 Doombots as Doctor Doom.

Flying High
Completed all of Falcon's Heroic Feats.

Hero Punch
Broke through the defenses of a defending enemy.

Heroic Attack!
Performed a Heroic attack.

Heroic Hero!
Defeated six or more enemies with a single heroic attack.

Jump Hero!
Barrel Jumping Hero.

Last Titan Standing
Survived the Trials of Thanos.

Law and Order
Completed all of She-Hulk's Heroic Feats.

Lost, then found, then lost again
Defended the Helicarrier from assault… but lost the Infinity Stones.

Mightier than Thou!
Completed all of Thor's Heroic Feats.

Mind over Mind Fragments!
Collected all Mind Stone Fragments.

Nothing is Forever
Saved Super Hero City and redeemed Silver Surfer.

Patience is a Virtue
You waited calmly in Grandmaster’s Green Room.

Reality Fragmented!
Collected all Reality Stone Fragments.

Robo Racer
Completed every race challenge.

Safety First
Defend the S.H.I.E.L.D. Building without losing a power node.

Shiny Space Fragments!
Collected all Space Stone Fragments.

Slice ‘N Dice
Completed all of Wolverine's Heroic Feats.

Speed Thrills
Completed all of Quicksilver's Heroic Feats.

Squad Initiate
Completed Story Mode on Easy Difficulty.

Stark Certified
Completed all of Iron Man's Heroic Feats.

Super Hero Up!
Revived a teammate.

T-Rex Nino
Completed all of Reptil's Heroic Feats.

The Hulkster
Completed all of Hulk's Heroic Feats.

The Human Rocket
Completed all of Nova's Heroic Feats.

The Large One!
Saved the Skrull Throne World from Galactus.

The Mind Stone
Collected the Mind Stone.

The Overmaster’s Underworld
Infiltrated Thanos' Hideout.

The Power Stone
Collected the Power Stone.

The Reality Stone
Collected the Reality Stone.

The Rhythm Stone
Collected the Rhythm Stone.

The Soul of a Hero!
Collected all Soul Stone Fragments.

The Soul Stone
Collected the Soul Stone.

The Space Stone
Collected the Space Stone.

The Time Stone
Collected the Time Stone.

Time Management!
Collected all Time Stone Fragments.

Completed all of Spider-Man's Heroic Feats.

Woman with Vision
Completed all of Scarlet Witch's Heroic Feats.

You are feeling the Rhythm!
Collected all Rhythm Stone Fragments.

You've got the Super Power!
Collected all Power Stone Fragments.