Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring PlayStation Trophy List

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Héroe del Ring
You have successfully unlocked all of the trophies.

El Dorado
Complete both story lines in Hard.

Anyone else care to join?
Win a 1 vs 3 match alone vs CPU on normal difficulty.

Keep your popularity over 3 stars for 5 minutes in a 1 vs 1 match against CPU on normal difficulty.

Don't hit the dog
Win a group match without letting your partner receive more than 20% damage.

El Chile más chiloso
Defeat Espectro Jr. in the faces' and heels' story modes.

I want to be a robot
While in a pin, press the indicated button 12 times per second or faster.

Long live me!
Win 5 masks vs hair matches without losing the hair or the mask of your luchador.

Pero sigo siendo el Rey
Win a king of kings tournament vs 7 CPU opponents.

Rising star
Win 5 matches in a row online using your custom luchador or luchadores.

Slippery like soap
Execute 50 successful counters in a match.

That's how you dance!
Win a 1 vs 2 match fighting alone with El Elegido against 2 rivals on normal difficulty.

Win a 1 vs 1 match against the CPU without taking any damage on normal difficulty.

With a hand tied behind my back
Win a 1 vs 2 match alone vs CPU on normal difficulty.

A fly hard to catch
Execute the Superfly special grapple 5 times in a 1 vs 1 match against the CPU on normal difficulty.

A legend is born
Attack Apache 10 times in Practice mode.

A lo mero macho
Win a fatal facing of 4 match in elimination by eliminating all the 3 opponents.

A real Técnico
Complete the Técnicos' story mode.

America's father in law
Execute the special grapple of the Apache (classic foul).

Bunch of chickens!
Do a simultaneous elimination of all your opponents in a triple threat or fatal facing of 4 match.

Butter arms
Execute 500 counters in any game mode.

Challenge to the death
Win a 1 vs 1 match in the Pride Battle mode.

Cheering him up
Make your own banner and make sure that the crowd shows it for 3 minutes.

Dancing man
Execute 4 complete taunts in a row in triple threat or fatal facing of 4.

Dirty game
Hit an opponent 3 times with a weapon without being disqualified (disqualification on).

Execute 50 weak grapples in a match.

Don't cry little brother
Defeat Charlie Manson in the Rudos' story mode.

Don't try this at home!
Make a successful aerial attack from the turnbuckle.

Espectro the king
Win a king of kings championship playing with Espectro Jr.

Extinct religion
Defeat Dark Scoria in the Técnicos' story mode.

Feed that bone to another dog
Defeat La Parka as Konnan in the story mode.

Flying without a ticket
Perform 10 aerial attacks through the ropes in a 1 vs 1 match against the CPU on normal difficulty.

Stand still for 5 minutes (submissions and pins excluded).

He thinks he's a superhombre
Make a successful aerial attack through the ropes to outside the ring.

Left him outside!
Win a match by your opponent being counted out.

Little ones can too
Play a match with the little ones using the secret code.

Low stakes
Free yourself from a pin count having all the disadvantage in popularity.

New Megachampion
Defeat Konnan as La Parka in the story mode.

No dinasty is left standing
Defeat Dr. Wagner Jr and Silver King in the Rudos' story mode.

Nothing lasts forever
Defeat the clowns in the Técnicos' story mode.

Raise ravens...
Execute an eye poke 5 times in a row.

Perform all different taunts of the AAA luchadores (Only standing taunts without weapons).

Strong as a toro
Execute 10 strong grapples in a match.

The defeated redeemer
Defeat El Mesías in the Rudos' story mode.

The most Rudo of all
Complete the Rudos' story mode.

Unbeaten Honor
Win the Mask vs Hair match on the Técnicos' story mode.

What a picture!
Perform a successful special grapple in any match.

Where do you think you're going?
Defeat a rudo CPU enemy in normal difficulty 1 vs 1 without letting him leave the ring.

Which one's the most special?
Perform all the special grapples of the AAA luchadores at least once.

You're nobody
Win an online mask vs hair match.

¡TOMA! Y no te doy otra no más
Defeat the CPU by submission in a 1 vs 1 match on normal difficulty, having dealt 100% damage.