magmar126's Echochrome II PlayStation Trophies

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Avid Walker
Take 10,000 steps.

Big Bouncer
Jump 100 times.

Ankle Twister
Fall through holes 100 times.

Tunnel Digger
Walk through arches 50 times.

Head Banger
Hit your head on ceilings 30 times.

Goal Tender
Reveal 100 goal points.

Art Collector
Collect every piece of shadow art.

Light and Shadow Apprentice
Finish all Play Mode levels in one game mode.

Light and Shadow Journeyman
Finish all Play Mode levels in two game modes.

Light and Shadow Master
Finish all Play Mode levels in all three game modes.

Custom Crafter
Upload five custom levels.

Sticker Sticker
Affix 100 rating stickers.