Roughdawg4's Mayhem 3D PlayStation Trophies

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Show Off
Unlock every trophy in the game

Two For The Show
Unlock issue 3, "Date With Disaster"

Take The Wheel, Ferris
Unlock issue 4, "Blue Ribbon Brawl"

A Load Of Bull
Unlock issue 5, "Toro! Toro! Toro!"

The Blender
Unlock issue 6, "Mixed Up Mayhem"

Monster Mash
Unlock issue 7, "Unleash The Beasts"

Dig It, Baby!
Unlock issue 8, "A New Level Of Mayhem"

Put Your Foot Down
Unlock issue 9, "The Final Standoff"

Loyal Reader
Complete the career

Rule The Roost
"Rules Of The Road" - Perfect score

Dead Man Walking
"Dead Man At The Gorge" - Perfect score

Grindhouse Groupie
"Date With Disaster" - Perfect score

Top Steer
"Blue Ribbon Brawl" - Perfect score

Bull Fighter
"Toro! Toro! Toro!" - Perfect score

Cement Mixer
"Mixed Up Mayhem" - Perfect score

800-Pound Gorilla
"Unleash The Beasts" - Perfect score

Layer Cake
"A New Level Of Mayhem" - Perfect score

Sharp Shooter
"The Final Standoff" - Perfect score

Teacher's Pet
Get 100% completion on the career

Tickets, Please
Watch a saved replay in the replay theater

Star Struck
Collect 25 career stars

Collect 100 career stars

Moving Violation
Earn 20,000 mayhem points

Reckless Abandon
Earn 100,000 mayhem points

Rabid Beast
Earn 3,000 mayhem points in a single event (excluding challenge events)

Pack Rat
Collect 20 vehicle parts in a single event (excluding challenge events)

Unlock every level

Four Car Garage
Unlock every vehicle

House Rules
Unlock all game options

Speed Kills
KO an opponent with ramming speed (excluding challenge events)

Pile Up
Hit 4 opponents with a single ramming speed boost (excluding challenge events)

Use a stunned vehicle to push another vehicle into a pit (excluding challenge events)

Hang On By A Thread
Climb out of elimination position after having seen the crossbones

Crazy Eddie
Win an exhibition event on insane difficulty (minimum of 7 opponents)

Excessive Acceleration
Win an online race

Failure To Yield
Win an online demolition derby

Repeat Offender
Win 3 games in a single online session

Hatchet Man
Win 5 games in a single online session