Rattlerboi's Megamind: Ultimate Showdown PlayStation Trophies

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Platinum Trophy
All Trophies obtained!

Destruction Doom
Complete "Demolition Site" Level as Megamind

Funky Disco
Complete "Funky Disco" Level as Megamind

Hot Flash Fizzle
Complete "The Parklands" Level as Megamind

Mega Collector
Collect 3000 B.I.N.K.E.Y. in any single level as Megamind

Complete the Game as Megamind

Tame Blue Tighten
Complete "Blue Tighten Battle" Level as Megamind

Tightanic Battle
Defeat Blue Tighten without dying as Megamind

Collect 2000 B.I.N.K.E.Y. in any single level as Megamind

Destruction Derby
Defeat Destruction Worker without dying as Megamind

Downtown Domination
Complete "Downtown" Level as Megamind

Flash in the Pan
Defeat Hot Flash without dying as Megamind

Funky Fumes
Complete "The Sewers" Level as Megamind

Hot Pavement
Complete "The Overpass" Level as Megamind

Complete any story mission without dying as Megamind

Psychotic Win
Defeat Psycho Delic without dying as Megamind

Assistant Collector
Collect 1000 B.I.N.K.E.Y. in any single level as Megamind

Lair Clean Up
Collect 150 B.I.N.K.E.Y. in the Lair as Megamind

Unlock the Mega-Ball mini-game as Megamind

Unlock the Mega-Blast mini-game as Megamind

Museum Master
Complete "The Museum" Level as Megamind

Pod Race
Unlock the Pod Race mini-game as Megamind

Unlock the Rampage mini-game as Megamind

Sticky Boots
Unlock the Sticky Boots mini-game as Megamind

Tickets Please
Complete "The Underground" Level as Megamind

Uptown Hero
Complete "Uptown" Level as Megamind