Arly01's My Aquarium PlayStation Trophies

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Aquarium Master
Put fish in all 6 aquariums and added objects.

Breeding Master
Bred successfully at least 20 times.

Breeding Novice
Bred successfully at least 5 times.

Carnivore Novice
Added a Yellow Piranha.

Critical Limits Master
Placed 100 fish in a tank at the same time.

Light Show Novice
Viewed a special date light show.

Mix Master
Placed 25 different types of fish in a tank at the same time.

My Aquarium Master
Unlocked all fish.

My Aquarium Novice
Added 10 or more fish.

Predator Master
Fed 10 or more fish to other fish.

Predator Novice
Fed 1 fish to another fish.