ichigothesoulrea's My Aquarium PlayStation Trophies

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My Aquarium Master
Unlocked all fish.

Aquarium Master
Put fish in all 6 aquariums and added objects.

Breeding Master
Bred successfully at least 20 times.

Critical Limits Master
Placed 100 fish in a tank at the same time.

Mix Master
Placed 25 different types of fish in a tank at the same time.

Breeding Novice
Bred successfully at least 5 times.

Carnivore Novice
Added a Yellow Piranha.

Light Show Novice
Viewed a special date light show.

My Aquarium Novice
Added 10 or more fish.

Predator Master
Fed 10 or more fish to other fish.

Predator Novice
Fed 1 fish to another fish.