Fairytale Fights PlayStation Trophy List

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Closed "Magical Kingdoms"
Complete all the chapters in "Magical Kingdoms".

Closed "Once Upon a Time"
Complete all the chapters in "Once Upon a Time ".

Closed "The Candy Castle"
Complete all the chapters in "The Candy Castle".

Closed "The Giants Fort"
Complete all the chapters in "The Giants Fort".

Closed "Who's Famous Now!"
"Who's Famous Now!" will be Remembered.

King Bling
Buy all statue upgrades.

Slide through blood continuously for 3 minutes.

"Fairytale Land" is Painted Red
Spill 10 000 gallons of blood.

"Fairytale Land" is Sucked Dry
Collect 1 000 000 riches.

A Royal Pain
Play as the Naked Emperor and kill 7 princes with the invisible sword in 1 play session.

And All is Quiet Again
Defeat The Pied Piper.

Beaver Killer
Defeat The Log Champion.

Go Eat Your Own House
Defeat Hansel and Gretel.

I Didn't Want Her Anyway
Defeat The Little Giant. (Magical Kingdoms)

Incredible Combo!
Perform a 50 hit combo.

Crush 250 enemies using a blunt weapon.

Lazy Bastard
Remain in Taleville for more than 15 minutes.

Left the Tailor in Stitches
Defeat The Little Tailor.

Master Slicer
Slice 250 enemies with a sharp weapon.

Real Beaver Killer
Defeat The Log Champion again.

That's Gratitude for You
Play as Snow White and kill 7 dwarves in 1 play session.

The Sky is the Limit
Perform an aerial combo.

The Witch is Burned
Defeat The Candy Witch.

Turning a Blind Eye
Defeat Father Giant.

Weapons Are For Babies
Kill 250 enemies without using any weapons.

Slide 330 feet continuously through blood.