musiqtrax's NBA Jam PlayStation Trophies

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Raw Rookie
Play a ranked game online

First Time for Everything
Win a ranked game online

Win 10 ranked games online

Start to Finish
Win an online ranked game while leading after each quarter

Clean Sheet
Win a Classic or Remix game without letting the opposing team score

Too Late
Go up for a game winning dunk only to have time expire while in mid-air

From Downtown
Score 50% of your team's points while only shooting three pointers

Iron Will
Break the backboard in a Classic or Remix game with an alley oop!

Finger Roll
Make 5 layups in a row without getting blocked

Win a game with a layup buzzer beater

He's on Fire!
Hit a buzzer beater while on fire

Keep yourself or your teammate on fire until it exhausts by making 5 or more unanswered baskets