Modern Combat: Domination PlayStation Trophy List

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Supreme Commander
Reach Level 72

Alexander the Great
Capture a total of 100 territories in Domination

Billy the Kid
Make 100 head shots (any game types)

Death Bringer
Eliminate 1000 enemies (any game types)

Capture a total of 150 territories in Domination

Heavy Counter
Perform a multi-kill with a grenade 3 times (any game types)

Hope Buster
Defuse a bomb or deactivate a missile 10 times

Insane Sharpshooter
Eliminate 300 enemies only with sniper rifles (any game types)

Legendary Gunslinger
Perform at least one killing spree on all maps

Master of Mass Destruction
Win one match of each game type in every map

Head shot an objective carrier 10 times

Raining Shrapnel
Kill 4 enemies with a frag grenade thrown with the grenade launcher

Reach Level 7

Stop Poking Me!
Successfully knife 50 enemies (any game types)

Team Savior
As the Team Leader, escape 10 times

The Ghost Avenger
Take over a CPU and kill your assassin 10 times (offline only)

Ultimate Team Player
Get 500 kill assists (any game types)

War Veteran
Eliminate 100 enemies (any game types)

Welcome to the Family
Win a match (any game types)