GatorShea's Get Fit with Mel B PlayStation Trophies

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My Body is a Temple
Collect all other Trophies on Get Fit With Mel B

Reach level 100 in any category

The Triple
Reach level 100 in three categories

25 Levels Up
Raised any category's Fitness Level by 25

60 Min Burn
Completed a 60 minute Aerobics Workout of any type with a score over 90%

You have exercised every day for two weeks

Full House
Got a gold medal for all challenges

Hat Trick
Reach level 80 in three categories

Reach level 90 in any category

Reach level 90 in three categories

20 Run
Done 20 good reps in a row

Completed 500 reps

Completed 100 reps

Completed 1000 reps

Abs Of Steel
Done 1000 long-arm crunches

Reach level 70 in any category

Complete 20 Advanced Cardio Workouts

Best Foot Forward
Complete a Step Workout

Bring It On
Raised any category's Fitness Level by 10

Dance Off
Complete a Dance Workout

Dance The Night Away
Completed an Aerobics Workout between 12:00am and 2:00am

Drop And Give Me 1000
Done 1000 press-ups on toes

Early Worm
Completed a Fitness Workout between 5:00am and 7:00am

Complete 20 Step Workouts

Fat Burner
Complete a Cardio Workout

Feel The Burn
Completed your first Workout

First Gold
Won a gold medal in a workout

Fit Crowd
Complete a Fitness Workout

Fitness Monster
Complete 20 Fitness Workouts

Flash Dancer
Collected over 350 Stars in a Dance Aerobics Workout

Reach level 70 in three categories

Front Runner
Complete an Advanced Cardio Workout

Going Up?
Climbed the equivalent of the Empire State Building

Just A Snack
Burned off a chocolate bar

Last Dance
Complete 20 Dance Workouts

My Aerobics
Created a Custom Aerobics Workout

My Workout
Created a Custom Fitness Workout

Reach level 60 in any category

One Large Pepperoni
Burned off a pizza

Party Season
Burned off a Christmas dinner

Perfect 10
Done 10 perfect reps in a row

Practice Makes Perfect
Practiced five different exercises

Pump 'n' Throne
Complete 20 Pump 'n' Tone Workouts

Lifted the equivalent of a SUV in Pump and Tone

Semi Professional
Reach level 80 in any category

Sweat Dreams
Complete 20 Cardio Workouts

Complete a Pump 'n' Tone Workout

Ultimate Warrior
Complete 20 Combat Workouts

Completed at least one workout of each workout type

Complete a Combat Workout

What's For Lunch?
Followed the menu every day for a week