mythchief's DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue PlayStation Trophies

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A Tale of Two Endings
Watch Both Game Endings

A True Hero
Reach Level 20

Death of a Penguin
Kill the Evil Nun

Dispenser of Justice
Kill 3000 Enemies

Frozen Justice
Kill the Taking Tree

Learn to Speak Japanese

Mystic Transport
Discover all 44 Teleporting Outhouses

Orque Impostor
Convince an Orque Guard you are an Orque

Primp V.I.P.
See all 20 of Madame Primp's Outfits

Raise Your Mast
Go Sailing in a Pirate Ship

Ruin Christmas
Kill Santa Claus

To Serve Man
Kill Wortten

Well Educated
Get an Engineering Degree