mythchief's DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue PlayStation Trophies

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Orque Impostor
Convince an Orque Guard you are an Orque

Death of a Penguin
Kill the Evil Nun

Primp V.I.P.
See all 20 of Madame Primp's Outfits

Well Educated
Get an Engineering Degree

Raise Your Mast
Go Sailing in a Pirate Ship

Learn to Speak Japanese

Dispenser of Justice
Kill 3000 Enemies

To Serve Man
Kill Wortten

A True Hero
Reach Level 20

Mystic Transport
Discover all 44 Teleporting Outhouses

Ruin Christmas
Kill Santa Claus

A Tale of Two Endings
Watch Both Game Endings

Frozen Justice
Kill the Taking Tree