anti-altair16's Renegade Ops PlayStation Trophies

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Mega Kill Combo
Get a 50x Damage Streak in single player

Lord Master of Great Skill
Get "Skill Level - Alien" in single player

Pansy Worm
Mission 3 - Defeat the Panzer Wyrm (Coldstrike DLC required)

Tough Stuff
Complete all missions on Hardcore Difficulty

A Mess of Stiff Staff Sergeants
Kill Inferno's Sergeants in single player

Pilot a helicopter in single player

Mission 1 - Rescue all the civilians (Coldstrike DLC required)

From Cold Dead Hands
Steal all Inferno's Weapon Crates in single player

Goody Two Shoes
Bring 20 Prisoners to the Church in single player

Inferno's Briefs
Steal all the Document Briefs in single player

Mission 2 - Acquire all intel on Coldstrikes's plans (Coldstrike DLC required)

Jonesing for Relics
Return all the Relics to the Museum in single player

Supply Problems
Destroy all Mining Carts in the Kaabe Mountains in single player

The Daily Grind
Get a character to max level

To Hell and Back
Complete Mission 9 on any Difficulty in single player