Javro_07's Alien Breed 2: Assault PlayStation Trophies

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The Completionist
Each and every trophy has been awarded. Congratulations!

Finish multiplayer ‘Cargo’ level without taking any damage.

Speed Freak
Complete Story Mode on elite difficulty with a total time played of 4 hours or less.

The Best of the Best
Complete all single player levels 1-5 on elite difficulty.

Deal 200 damage to one alien.

Ultimate Boom Stick
Purchase the Damage upgrade for the Rocket Launcher.

Deadly Assassin
Without taking damage kill 50 aliens in single player.

Incy Wincy
Defeat Arachno-Morph.

In a multiplayer game, reach the end of a level without dying or firing a shot.

Material World
Buy every upgrade.

Defeat Octo-Morph.

Old Soldier
Complete all single player levels 1-5.

Praemonitus Praemunitus
Collect all logs through out the game.

Rapid Deployment
Complete ‘Cargo’ multiplayer level in 10 minutes or less.

Sentry Duty
In single player, use a sentry gun to kill 20 aliens.

Find all ‘secret’ collectibles.

Stay alive for 8 minutes on any of the Survivor mode single player levels.

Vital Statistics
Finish ‘Primed’ single player level with 300000 or more overall score.

War of Attrition
Kill 1000 aliens in single player.

Co-op Campaigner
Complete any multiplayer level.

Deadly Combo
Kill a stunned alien with a Frag Grenade.

Doctor in the House
Heal yourself for 200 hit points using health kits.

Goodbye Cruel World
Blow yourself up with a Frag Grenade.

Hardcore Pawn
Sell any 10 items or ammuntion at an Intex Vendor.

Hoovering up
In a multiplayer game, acquire 80% of all items, ammo, weapons and cash in one level.

Purchase the Health Kit Upgrade.

Complete a single player level with Waypoint Display turned off.

In single player story mode, purchase 5 Hardened Armor items from the Intex Vendor.

Kill a sentry gun with one rocket.

Safety First?
Save the game 5 times in single player story mode.

In single player story mode, melee one of each type of alien.