Jakintosh's Sly 2: Band of Thieves PlayStation Trophies

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Unlikely Bandit
Unlock all Sly Cooper and the Band of Thieves Trophies

Art Snob
Replace a painting undercover

Gotta Find Um All!
Collect 15 clue bottles

Bottle Capped
Collect 20 clue bottles

Soda Popped
Collect 30 clue bottles

You Look Great In Pink
Purchase the Diablo Fire Slam from ThiefNet

Rocking It Shell Style
Purchase the Hover Pack from ThiefNet

Pink Fire Flop
Purchase the Raging Inferno Flop from ThiefNet

Big Spender
Purchase the Paraglider from ThiefNet

Fiery Fox
Escape from Carmelita

Learn To Fox Trot
Dance with Carmelita

Spider Legs
Pickpocket 3 items from Contessa

Loot Pockets
Collect 100 coins

Jail Bird
Break out Carmelita from Contessa

Jailed Cotton Candy
Pickpocket 3 keys from Carmelita in Canada

Bear Hug
Cause a bear fight in Canada

Heads Or Tails
Collect 500 coins

Train Jumper
Hack the train

He Is Flaming
Purchase the Fist of Flames from ThiefNet

Someone Call A Doctor?
Purchase the Snooze Bomb from ThiefNet

Artful Dodger
Purchase the Combat Dodge from ThiefNet

Reptilian Robber
Defeat Dimitri

Upset Stomach
Shoot down Neyla to help out Sly

Creepy Crawly
Defeat Contessa #1

More Creepy Crawlies
Defeat Contessa #2

Exact Change
Collect 1,000 coins

Tummy Trouble
Collect Clockwerk's stomach

Gold Medal Winner
Defeat Jean Bison

Moose Head
Steal the moose costume for Murray

Rise and Shine
Purchase the Alarm Clock from ThiefNet

Collect 1,500 coins

Defeat Clock-La

Remote Trigger
Purchase the Trigger Bomb from ThiefNet

Purchase the Silent Obliteration from ThiefNet

Bird Dentist
Use Murray's strength to open Clock-La's mouth