Sweet-T310's Rock Band: Country Track Pack 2 PlayStation Trophies

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Perfect Play
Earn a gold star on any song

Ain't Settlin'
Earn 80 stars across all songs in Solo or Band Tour

Awful Beautiful Career
Complete Solo Tour on any difficulty

International Heartachers
Complete Band Tour on any difficulty

Country Boy Drum Roll
5-Star "That's How Country Boys Roll" as a Drummer on Hard or harder

Giddy On Up
Earn more than 1,000,000 points in a single song

It's Been A While
5-Star "Kiss a Girl" as a Guitarist on Hard or harder

Neon Dreams
Maintain deployed Overdrive for 90 seconds

Ride the Groove
5-Star "Ride" as a Bassist on Hard or harder

The One You Lean On
Hit all unison bonuses in any song with Guitar, Bass, and Drums

Wild Desire
5-star "Ring of Fire" as a Vocalist on Hard or harder

Worked All Week
Score 100% notes hit with any instrument in "Sideways" ... on the weekend.