notslipknot's Dungeon Hunter: Alliance PlayStation Trophies

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Level Up
Gain a level with one character.

Level 10
Reach level 10 with one character.

Level 25
Reach level 25 with one character.

Level 50
Reach level 50 with one character.

Level 75
Reach level 75 with one character.

League of Kings
Kill the Goblin King with more than one player present.

One For All
Beat the final boss in a 4-player multiplayer game.

Potion Addict
Drink 200 potions with one character.

Rich King
Earn 1,000,000 gold with one character.

Kill 10,000 monsters with one character.

Destroy 1,000 barrels with one character.

Devoted King
Complete all quests on Hero difficulty.

Skillful King
Kill a boss only using skills (no basic attacks).

Brutal King
Kill a monster in a single blow.

Legendary King
Beat the game on Legend difficulty.

The Warrior King
Beat the game as a warrior.

The Rogue King
Beat the game as a rogue.

The Mage King
Beat the game as a mage.

The Ultimate King
Beat the game with all 3 character classes.