Zerdin's Arcana Heart 3 PlayStation Trophies

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Threads of Fate Bind Us Together
Conquered the beast that is Arcana Heart 3

Enough Love to Go Around
Raised the RP Level of all characters to 3.

The Alchemist of Life
Defeated Parace L'Sia in Score Attack Mode.

You Only Have Eyes for Me!
Raised the RP Level of one character to 10.

I Was Just Looking!
Unlocked all of the illustrations in Gallery Mode.

I've Seen Everything
Watched all of the endings in Story Mode.

It's Moving...
Unlocked all of the link animations in Gallery Mode.

Storybook Ending X-TREME
Finished Story Mode on the highest difficulty.

Sympathy for the Devil
Completed a 666-hit combo.

A Learning Computer
As Mei-Fang, defeated an opponent without taking any damage.

Any Color, So Long As It's Black
Used [The Hero, Minigawa, Launch!] more than three times during a single match.

Arcana, Assemble!
Fought and defeated all the Arcana in Network Mode.

Used all of the characters.

Used the ultimate version of [Shunkoku].

Critically Acclaimed
Won using Critical Heart.

Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?
Used more than 1000 Ether Stocks.

Draw, Partner!
Saw all versions of [I'll Draw...] in a single match.

Completely drained the Spiritual Gauge more than 3 times in a single match.

Flawless Victory
Complete the move [Garbh Dagda (EF)] without pressing any unnecessary buttons.

Form of...Me Kicking Your Ass!
Used more than five 360 motion special moves and won with a 360 motion special move.

Gone in 75 Seconds
Landed the ultimate version of [Take All My Sadness Away!].

Good Morning, Angels
Fought and defeated all the characters in Network Mode.

Used Baldur to defeat Ragnarok.

I Don't Have Anything Elsa Left
Got all of Elsa's weapons to show up during a single match.

I Need Support!
Landed [Hama No Shishiku] and [Taima No Zuikaku] during a combo.

I'm Stuffed
Caused over 20 stuffed animals to appear during [Kawarimi no Jutsu].

Mark III Chain Master
Got a counter-hit using [Restriction Unleashed - War Chain Wolkenkratzer (EF)].

Mark III Sword Summoner
Executed a 100+ hit combo without using the help of an Arcana.

Mycana, Not Ourcana
Used all of the Arcana.

No Train No Gain
Practiced for 15 minutes straight in Training Mode.

No, I Expect You To Die
Got all clean hits with Edinorog during [Razdelenie of the End (EF)].

Obtuse Angel
Got a clean hit with [Sacred Slayer (EF)].

Of Critical Importance
Won using an Extended Critical Heart.

On The Streets and So Forth
Ran the longest possible line off of a successful [Wall Step].

Operation Nihon-Go
Watched the bad ending in Story Mode.

Plays Well With Others
Played your first Player Match.

Raise the Draw-Bridge!
Performed [Cinderella!] when the numbers on the clock are lined up.

Rank and File
Played your first Ranked Match.

Used moves with the word "Sacred" in them more than 100 times as Fiona.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered
Successfully input the follow-up attack to [Fuuju - Narukami].

Storybook Ending
Finished Story Mode.

Completed all the follow-ups to [The Talisman of Antiquity] in a single match.

That's "'S' Words", Mr. Connery
Used the moves [Kagesuki], [Kodama], [Seizan], and [Sazarashi] in one round.

That's the Pooooower of Love
Cleared Story Mode using Heart and the Arcana of Love.

Twisted Sister
Completed [Geschick the Blood Linchpin] over 4 times while the doll is inactive.

Un-Natural Female Enhancement
Won while the Extend Force was disabled.

What a Card
Used all of Dorothy's card hands during a match.

With Our Powers Combined!
Won using Arcana Blaze.

You Complete Me
Absorbed life using [Il Rapimento].

You're Not Supposed to DO It!
Got attacked immediately after the [Come Catch Me Please!] teleport.

Yukkuri Shiteitte Ne
While the Water Arcana [Regnum] is active, land a [Last Armageddon Drop].