GhostBusters_23's Hunter's Trophy PlayStation Trophies

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Hunter's Trophy
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A shadow in the dark
Get 100% discretion for a hunt.

Kill 100 pests.

Complete the Career mode at the first place.

Get every weapon in the game.

Long chase
Walk 20 km in Career mode.

Robin Hood
Hunt 30 preys with a bow

Get 100% in a ball-trap game.

Silent hunter
Hunt a target at less than 5 meters.

The Collector
Hunt an animal of every kind.

Air shooter
Hunt 50 ducks.

Man's best friend
Whistle for the dog 50 times.

Mirror's edge
Complete a hunting plan 10 seconds before hitting the time limit.

Open season
Complete the Career mode.

Hunt a target at a distance of 80 meters.

Fly away
Scare off 5 animals in a hunt.

Gallic blood
Hunt a wild boar.

Hunting companions
Play a 4 players game in the shooting range.

Proper training
In silhouette shooting, get an accuracy score of at least 75%.

Wandering hunter
Hunt in all available environments.