anti-altair16's BioShock Infinite PlayStation Trophies

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Platinum Columbia
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Scavenger Hunt
Completed the game in 1999 Mode without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill machine.

Audio Enthusiast
Collected all Audio Diaries in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

Auld Lang Syne
Completed the game on 1999 Mode.

Blue Ribbon Champ
In CitC, completed all Blue Ribbon Challenges.

Bolt From the Blue
Killed 5 enemies with a headshot while riding a Sky-Line.

Bon Voyage
Killed 20 enemies by knocking them off Columbia.

Burial at Sea
Completed Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

Chain Reaction
Damaged fifteen foes with an exploding enemy, using the Radar Range in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

Coins in the Cushion
Looted 200 containers.

Combination Shock
Performed all 8 of the Vigor combinations.

Dress for Success
Equipped a piece of Gear in all four slots.

Collected every Voxophone.

Hand of the Prophet
Defeated all waves in Emporia Arcade.

Hazard Pay
Killed 10 enemies by utilizing environmental hazards.

Lost Weekend
Killed 5 enemies while you are drunk.

Mind Over Matter
Killed 20 enemies using Possessed machines.

Missile Defense System
In CitC, killed an enemy with splash damage by shooting a rocket out of the air.

More for Your Money
Lured 3 enemies into a single Vigor trap 5 times.

Paid in Full
Completed Burial at Sea - Episode 2.

Skeet Shoot
Killed 5 enemies while they are falling.

Stone Cold Pinkerton
Completed the game on Hard difficulty or above.

Strange Bedfellows
Killed 20 enemies using allies brought in through a Tear.

Taffer's Delight
Completed Burial at Sea - Episode 2 in 1998 mode.

The Roguish Type
Used Elizabeth to pick 30 locks.

The Whole Story
Collected all Audio Diaries and Voxophones in Burial at Sea - Episode 2.

A Real Pistol
Killed 25 enemies with the Broadsider Pistol.

Aerial Assassin
Killed 20 enemies with a Sky-Line Strike.

Armed Revolt
Assisted the gunsmith.

Big Game Hunter
Killed 100 enemies with the Founder Huntsman Carbine or Vox Burstgun.

Blood in the Streets
Completed Emporia.

Break the Ice
Shattered 5 enemies who had been frozen with Old Man Winter.

Confirmed Luddite
Destroyed ten Turrets in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

Cook and Serve
Made 5 enemies explode with the Radar Range in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

David & Goliath
Killed 20 "Heavy Hitter" enemies.

Dead Drop
On three occasions, knocked out an enemy after silently dropping off a Freight Hook.

Down in the Briney
Took a Bathysphere ride in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

Duke or Dimwit?
Defeated all waves in Duke and Dimwit Theater.

First Class Ticket
Boarded The First Lady.

Friendly Skies
Defeated all waves in The OPS Zeal.

Fully Equipped
Purchased any two upgrades for Old Man Winter or Radar Range in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

Glutton for Punishment
Used Ironsides to collect 20 rounds of ammo or more in Burial at Sea - Episode 2.

Going Places
Rode the tram in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

Grand Largesse
Spent $10,000 at the vending machines of Columbia.

Killed a Handyman by only shooting his heart.

Here Little Piggy
Killed 30 enemies with the Founder Pig Volley Gun or Vox Hail Fire.

Higher Learning
Completed Comstock House.

Industrial Accident
Killed 20 enemies with a Sky-Hook Execution.

Infused with Greatness
Collected every Infusion upgrade in a single game.

Kitted Out
Fully upgraded one weapon and one Vigor.

Loose Cannon
Killed 25 enemies with the Paddywhacker Hand Cannon.

Making Some Noise
Gained five noisemakers through lockpicking.

Master of Pyrotechnics
Killed 20 enemies with the Barnstormer RPG.

Mein Hair
Delivered the hair sample in Burial at Sea - Episode 2.

Museum Curator
In CitC, unlocked all Gallery items.

Never Saw It Coming
While invisible, used Peeping Tom to knock out 15 enemies with a melee attack.

On a Clear Day...
Killed 30 enemies with the Bird's Eye Sniper Rifle.

On the Fly
Killed 30 enemies while riding a Sky-Line.

Passionately Reciprocated
Killed 150 enemies with the Founder Triple R Machine Gun or Vox Repeater.

Raising the Bar
Upgraded one attribute (Health, Shield, or Salts) to its maximum level.

Rooftop Ruffian
Defeated all waves in Raven's Dome.

In CitC, knocked an enemy off the city with Undertow, then rescued him, then knocked him off again.

Saw the Elephant
Completed the game on Normal difficulty or above.

Seasoned to Taste
Killed 30 enemies with the Peppermill Crank Gun.

In CitC, got a kill with each weapon and vigor (except Bucking Bronco).

Shock Tactics
Retrieved Shock Jockey.

Should Auld Acquaintance...
Unlocked 1999 Mode.

Used all telescopes and Kinetoscopes in the game.

Snowball Effect
Froze 2 enemies with the same Old Man Winter trap.

Street Sweeper
Killed 50 enemies with the Founder China Broom Shotgun or Vox Heater.

Tear 'em a New One
Opened 30 Tears.

The Bird or The Cage
Completed The Hand of the Prophet.

The Ol' One-Two
In CitC, used all eight different vigor combos to deliver the killing blow on an enemy.

Tin Soldier
Completed the game on Easy difficulty or above.

Knocked out two or more enemies using the same Gas Bolt.

Up and Running
Repaired the machine in Suchong's lab in Burial at Sea - Episode 2.

Vigorous Opposition
Killed 75 enemies either with a Vigor or while the enemy is under the effects of a Vigor.

Welcome to Monument Island
Reached Monument Island.

Well Rounded
Used all 8 Vigors against enemies.

Working Class Hero
Completed the Factory.

Written in the Clouds
Completed Lighthouse.