Vulgar137's Moon Diver PlayStation Trophies

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2P MC Drill
Use 10 different 2P MC techniques.

3P MC Practise
Use 10 different 3P MC techniques.

4P MC Training
Use 10 different 4P MC techniques.

Act. 1 CLEAR
Clear Stages 1–4.

Act. 2 CLEAR
Clear Stages 5–8.

Act. 3 CLEAR
Clear Stages 9–12.

Battle Master
Defeat 10,000 enemies.

Chain Kill Master
Achieve a Chain Kill of 100 or more.

Level Maniac
Raise the average level of all characters to level 50.

MC Collector
Collect 50 MC techniques.

Moon Traveller
Visit all areas in all stages.

Save your companions 10 times in a single game.