joh4nlee's Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters PlayStation Trophies

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All in the Wrist
Defeat 10 enemies with Blade Whip.

Around the World
Defeat 20 enemies with Mace Storm.

Beware My Power!
Use Ring Surge 10 times.

Big Beat Down
Defeat 20 enemies with Mech Suit.

Big Spender
Purchase all upgrades.

Clear Mission 7.

Blunt Justice
Defeat 10 enemies with War Hammer.

Central Battery
Clear Mission 3.

Complete Control
Purchase all Ring Power upgrades.

Clear Mission 6.

Defeat 10 enemies with Hover Mines.

Distress Call
Clear Mission 4.

Clear Mission 2.

Emerald Knight
Clear all missions on Emerald Knight difficulty.

Emerald Warrior
Complete the game on Poozer or Enforcer difficulty.

Fan Favorite
Defeat 10 enemies with Rocket Punch.

Favorite Pastime
Defeat 10 enemies with Baseball Bat.

Fear This!
Collect all trophies.

Full Burn
Purchase all Ring Surge upgrades.

Get Dizzy Yall
Make Green Lantern dizzy 10 times.

Hal Knows Jets
Defeat 20 enemies with Jet Fighter.

Hot Pursuit
Clear Mission 8.

Clear Mission 1.

Just Getting Started
Perform a 20 hit combo.

Lights Out
Defeat 10 enemies with Piston Blitz.

Locked and Loaded
Defeat 10 enemies with Gatling Gun.

Master Blaster
Defeat 10 enemies with Ring Blaster.

Might Makes Right
Purchase all Attack upgrades.

Mogo is Proud
Collect all 9 Green Meteorites.

Not a Poozer
Gain experience level 10.

On a Roll
Perform a 50 hit combo.

Clear Mission 5.

Rank Up
Gain experience level 5.

Return to Oa
Clear Mission 10.

Shut Your Mouth
Perform a 99 hit combo.

Clear a mission in Co-op.

Targets Acquired
Defeat 20 enemies with Missile Pack.

There is Hope
Collect all 5 Blue Meteorites.

Ultimate Weapon
Clear Mission 9.

What Goes Up...
Launch 20 enemies.

Purchase all Construct upgrades.